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Valentine DIY

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I co-teach the kindergarten Sunday School class with my boyfriend, Tim.  We usually have a plethora of personalities to keep us busy, but this week a lot of people were sick.   We only had one little girl named Amelia.  She’s as sweet as can be and usually really shy. However, this week we got her to open up more because she was the only one.  Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, we decided to ask her if she liked any boys at school.  After much prying, we discovered the name of her crush.  I’m not allowed to tell you who it is because it’s top secret.  We had fun teasing her about it though.  She always insisted that “He’s not my boyfriend!”  But he totally was.

After that lively discussion, we taught her the parable of the pearl of great price.  Since we had some time left (and only one kid in class), I decided we could make some Valentine cards.  She decided to give it to her brother. Oh well…

I found this idea on Etsy and thought it was the cutest thing ever.  It looked simple enough to make, so I thought I’d give it a try!  If you are making this with older kids, they could probably do fine cutting everything out themselves, but you can make it easier by pre-cutting the pieces.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Colored construction paper
  • Pen
  • Small ribbon

First, cut out all the pieces.  For each card you will need:

  • 6 small hearts (use the first one as a template to cut the others so they’re all the same size)
  • 3-8 clouds
  • 2 baskets

Use the blue construction paper for the card so it looks like the hot air balloons are in the sky.  To make the balloons, put glue on half of two hearts. I didn’t have a glue stick when I was taking these pictures so I used tape.  But the ones we made in class with the glue stick were a lot easier.

Then attach another heart to each of the glued halves.

now you can put glue on the back and stick it to the card.  Do the same thing for the other balloon.

Now you’re ready to glue on the baskets below the hearts and draw the strings! Then sprinkle the clouds around.

Making the little bows was kind of tedious, but it’s too cute to leave out.

Now for the most important part… Open it up, and add your special message!

I really had fun making these.  After we helped our little student with hers, Tim and I both made one.  Then, our friend, Mary came in and made one!  I don’t always take the time to make handmade things, but doing crafts is a great way to bond with people.  Plus, who doesn’t love getting a handmade card?  I give this one 5 stars because it would be a great thing to do with kids of all ages, and it always turns out looking great!

I made them with the two-year-olds I babysit. They were so proud of their cards!

On a side note, I finally got to try out my candy molds!  Back when I posted about my dark chocolate recipe, I mentioned that I didn’t have any good molds, so my sweet Aunt Denise mailed me some! Thank you, Aunt Denise!!!

Here’s how they turned out! I tried some new flavors — some good — some not so good… but they looked amazing! I’m definitely going to make them again!

The peanut butter cups were everybody’s favorite.

I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending love,  Abby

Inspired Colonial Wreaths & The Cookbook Giveaway Continues

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Wreaths on the doors of Colonial Williamsburg homes have inspired holiday spirit for several hundred years even though mixing Christmas greens with fresh fruits in holiday décor did not actually appear in Williamsburg, Va., until the early 20th century. Mary Miley Theobald and Libbey H. Oliver wrote in the December 2005 edition of the Colonial Williamsburg Journal, “The custom of affixing fruits, vegetables, dried flowers, herbs, and other plant life to basic Christmas forms like wreaths, swags, and roping traces its roots to the early years of the twentieth century, a time when Christmas was growing in significance and the Colonial Revival was pulling decorative impulses back toward the eighteenth century.” Though the name may be historically incorrect, creating a Williamsburg Christmas wreath is not a complex undertaking.  Fast forward to 2012 when my friend Gaye asks me if I have ever made a Williamsburg Wreath. “No,” I said, “I don’t even know what that is.”

Gaye graciously waited a few days to make hers so we  could get together for a little decorating session.  Some time ago Gaye’s mother-in-law gave her this little board with nails.  It was purchased, but could easily be made with a piece of wood and some 3″ nails.  This board is painted green, but really any color will work with any shape you would like.

What I especially like about making this decoration is you may items you already have on hand or anything that is plentiful in the area where you live.  Also, this is a fun project to enlist the help of your kids.  Gaye’s son placed the cloves around the clementines and did a really nice job.
There are 7 nails on this board and so we chose to use 1 apple, 3 clementines, and 3 lemons. We added cranberries and cinnamon sticks in addition to greenery.  The fruit is pierced with each nail in any place you want.
Some fruits will drip a little in the beginning and so we kept a paper towel handy and dab up a little juice as we went.
The greenery came from the bushes and trees in the yard. It is so fun to go out collecting because no two yards are alike leaving lots of room for creativity!  The greenery is just tucked into and under the fruit.  For the most part it stays put.  A little hot glue could be used if you have trouble getting it to stay.  In this case we didn’t need to use anything.This plaid bow completed the country look Gaye was hoping for!
This Williamsburg wreath is hanging in Gaye’s kitchen and will last throughout the month of December.  It took us about 10 to 15 minutes to put together this really striking decoration.  I have already asked my Chief Handyman to cut me a swag shaped board for next time!

It’s not too late to enter to win this week’s cookbook giveaway.

~Blessings, Catherine

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