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Sweet and Salty Corn Salad

chili cheesre corn salad bowl

When my Nebrasaka-friend Cheryl said, “do you have a good corn salad recipe?” I answered her with a questions, “do you?”  She said “I sure do!”

Cheryl and I share a love for cooking and a love for experimenting with new recipes.  When we get together we always talk recipes.  In Nebraska things are done pretty simply and efficient without a lot of fuss and muss.  The name for the corn salad Cheryl sent me is Corn Salad. Enough said … well, not quite.
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Homemade Apple Balsamic Vinaigrette on an Apple Walnut Salad

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When spending time in England this summer The Chief and I noticed early on that something was missing from the crowds.

Friday afternoon on the streets of London.
Friday afternoon on the streets of London.

Obesity.  Oh, we would see an occasional overweight person (probably a visiting tourist from the USA) but over-all people just seemed  thinner.

Walking a path in the Lake District of England
Walking a path in the Lake District of England

If spending time with our friends was any indication we concluded it may be because they walk so much more than we do.
And I mean walking for the sake of walking.  Walking after dinner, strolling down to the market place, or spending an afternoon on one of the many thousands of footpaths that dot the landscape of the UK.
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My Mixed Cultures Pasta Salad Made For A Crowd

Basketful From Farmer's Market
Basketful From Farmer’s Market

This is the time of year that farmer’s markets are plentiful around the United States and other areas of the world that are enjoying summertime!  If you aren’t in the habit of shopping your farmers market I might say you are missing some of the best summer has to offer.  Most generally the vegetables and fruits are picked that day or the day before.  FRESH from the garden to your table.

From our local farmer’s market all of these vegetables came in a basket for $20!  This is a really good deal because 4 BIG ripe tomatoes came along with them, but somehow I missed getting a picture of them before I cleaned them and I promptly made bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches.

For several years I have used Pick Your Own.org website for canning directions and a lot of other information about fruits and vegetables.  They also have a tab to Find A Farmer’s Market In Your Area.  If you don’t know where to find your local market this is one place to start looking. I don’t think it is an exhaustive list because it doesn’t include the market I shop at although I am going to send them an email to include it!
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Not Your Mama’s Potato Salad

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God just winked at me.
  I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  Peace comes over me.

I’ve been recruited to make potato salad for 85 hungry folks that will show up in about 8 hours for the 4th of July BBQ lunch.  Okay, potato salad … for 85.  Potatoes, eggs, celery, onions, relish, mayonnaise.

I power up my computer and sign on to my website.  I’ll just take a peak at my mom’s potato salad recipe, which I have no doubt shared with readers some time during the past 4 years of blogging.  I type  p o t a to  s a l a d  into the search box.  A moment passes.  Nothing.  I click through to the INDEX tab, scroll down to S A L A D and begin to scan for mom’s recipe.  Nothing.

My brain can’t quite comprehend that I haven’t written her recipe, her exact instructions and her special magic.  How can this be?  Then I remembered her telling me she “just makes it“.  No exact measurements, just by feel.  I remember thinking I would take time to watch her make potato salad and write down the process and ingredient measurements.

But I never did it.
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