The Gift of Time

Today I was given a beautiful gift. The gift of time.  For many of us our daily calendars fill up with running from place to place. From task to task.  UP and out of the house early, in and out of the car, home again and then off to a meeting or the grocery store! … Read more

A Hearty and Healthy Brunswick Stew

Brunswick County, Virginia, and the town of Brunswick, Georgia, both claim to be the origin of Brunswick Stew.  I had never heard of Brunswick Stew  until a few years ago (and every winter since then) I heard my friend Joan say, “I made up a big pot of Brunswick Stew!” A plaque on an old … Read more

Golden Harvest Healthy Chunky Soup

If you aren’t a fan of delicious, warm, inviting, healthy, and easy … you may want to stop reading right now.  However, if you are all about using your slower cooker, filling the house with fall’s fragrance coming from the kitchen, or you just love feeding your friends and family HEALTHY wonderful soup … then … Read more

Souper Blessings and White Chicken Chili

I’ve just got a minute and that seems long enough to brag, I mean blog about my sous-chef dish-washing mom.  Last week she made her delicious Alice’s Apple Goodie dessert and I mentioned she is adding a dessert-a-week to our dining menu. But yesterday I had a Servant Team meeting all morning for Community Bible Study. … Read more

Crock Pot Baked Potatoes

Have you ever baked potatoes in your Crock Pot?  Why would you? I can think of several reasons.  On this particular day I was going to be gone all afternoon and when I got home I put some meat on the grill for supper.  I wanted the potatoes done at the same time.  The outside … Read more