DIY Sea Salt Scrub

best sea salt scrub

I am back at my desk after some fun in the sun down south.  No matter how great a vacation is, coming home to one’s own bed is wonderful! I try to be content wherever I happen to be, but I absolutely love being home. Do you find you are most settled at home?  I … Read more

Valentine DIY

I co-teach the kindergarten Sunday School class with my boyfriend, Tim.  We usually have a plethora of personalities to keep us busy, but this week a lot of people were sick.   We only had one little girl named Amelia.  She’s as sweet as can be and usually really shy. However, this week we got her … Read more

Sugar Cookies In A Fun Bouquet

My sous chef dish-washing mom and I belong to a garden club. By the very nature of “garden” club one might think we are gardeners.  That would be wrong.  We like plants, we have both toyed with growing a flowering plant or two, but gardeners we are not. We do have this little garden close … Read more

Oh Say Can You See … Our American Flag

From the time the Chief, my sous-chef dish-washing mom and I moved to the country in the hills of middle Tennessee, we have wanted to fly an American flag on our property.  As time went by we talked about it but never did anything about it.  Until now. Enter The DIY Outlet.  Both The Chief … Read more

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