My Daily Bread New Construction

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Hello friends!  You may recognize this blog but not the name.  That is because it is the same blog as My Daily Bread Body and Soul but I have changed the name and the way the blog is hosted.  My dad was a carpenter and I find myself regularly wanting to build something and most recently it has been to undertake the construction of a self-hosted blog!  My hope is that the new name is easier to remember — and easier to pass on to your friends!  The self hosted site gives me options also to include news and information from which is an awesome website with all kinds of information for us foodies!

Thanks for your support! It appears I need you to “re-subscribe” to this blog.  Please go to the right-hand side of the blog and you will see “Subscribe to Follow This Blog”, click on that link and you will have several choices from entering your email address to using one of your networks to follow any new posts or comments.

Blessings!  Catherine

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