National Grilled Cheese Day!

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It wasn’t until I became a “foodie” and started following a few food bloggers that I was even aware that April is National Grilled Cheese MonthReally?  A whole month celebration for a grilled cheese sandwich? If you are a grilled cheese connoisseur, which my Chief Culinary Consultant is, then you are no doubt thrilled about this celebration.

grilled open face broiled
AND as if a month-long celebration isn’t enough, the grilled cheese sandwich  has a separate day of honor, which happens to be TODAY. Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Grilled Cheese Day. What’s for lunch? 🙂

Grilled cheese sandwiches have come a long way since the day my mom buttered a couple of pieces of bread, placed one thin slice of American cheese-product between the bread and grilled it.  No fuss, no muss.  No mayo, no pickles, no Panini press, just a deliciously cheesy wonderful warm and gooey sandwich — and always with a bowl of tomato soup!

tomato soup grill cheese finished
It wasn’t too long ago I posted a recipe for incredible crock pot tomato soup.  I included a few pictures of the toasted cheese we ate with it.  Here are a few more details.

I started out by making a loaf of Italian Herb bread.  This bread goes together fast and easy and the herbs can be adjusted to your taste.  For the toasted cheese sandwich I was going to make I wanted a light herb flavor.

The Chief really, really likes dill pickles on his cheese sandwich.  I use to think that was weird.  Now I like it too!

grilled cheese pickle

My pantry was bare of dill pickle chips and so in a pinch we used dill relish.  Wow!  That really cranked it up a notch.

grilled cheese shredded

Sharp cheddar cheese, freshly grated (it’s the best.)

shredded cheese open face

Lately we have tried to eat a little less bread.  But give up toasted cheese sandwiches?  No way!  I popped this bread under the broiler for just a few minutes to lightly brown the bottom side.  Then after layering with mayo, pickle relish and cheese they went back under for the final toasting.

grilled cheese open faced

Happy Grilled Cheese Day!

~Blessings, Catherine


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  1. Oh that looks wonderful! I’m a grilled cheese fan and I don’t think I’d miss the other piece of bread with this one. Well maybe I would, it’s homemade bread 🙂 looks really good!


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