Community Bible Study and Me

logo_Blue_MainHorizontal_RGBIf you have followed my blog very long then you will know that I am over the moon about Community Bible Study.   CBS is a non-denominational study held in communities all over the world.

Ten years ago a friend invited me to attend.  I said I was too busy and couldn’t possibly give 2 hours a week to attend a class.  Then in August of 2011 that same friend asked me again. This time I asked my sous chef dish-washing mom if she would come with me and we joined.  In a couple of weeks on August 13 we are starting our 5th year of CBS study.  It has been life-changing for both of us.  I do not say that lightly and I completely mean  LIFE CHANGING!

CBS does not take the place of your local church or church activities. Instead, through study of the Word of God, CBS raises up local members to become disciples of Jesus Christ. Through that discipleship members often times take what they have learned back to their local church in the form of Sunday school teachers and adult ministry leaders.

Mission StatementThe second year at CBS my sous chef dishwashing mom and I learned of a need for help in the nursery. I said to mom “surely we could manage to rock a few babies.” Sounded simple enough. She and I become an “answer to prayer” according to the Teaching director Joan. Our first week we found ourselves with a 2 week old baby girl, a 2 month old baby girl, a 9 month old girl and an 18 month old a little boy.

One day the Director of children’s ministry said after class — “there was sure a lot of crying going on in there, were the babies okay?” I said, “oh the babies were great, that was mom and I!”

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