Valentine DIY

I co-teach the kindergarten Sunday School class with my boyfriend, Tim.  We usually have a plethora of personalities to keep us busy, but this week a lot of people were sick.   We only had one little girl named Amelia.  She’s as sweet as can be and usually really shy. However, this week we got her … Read more

Got Chocolate? DIY Valentine Gifts

Fudge doesn’t have to be for Christmas-time only!  At our house “anything chocolate” equates to a ♥ fantastic gift ♥ for my Chief Love any time of the year! This fudge was gifted to us this Christmas by our friends Peggy and Barnett.  I will be making it this week for my funny Valentine. ♥ … Read more

Weekend Roundup And A Little Bit More!

Walking Through the Bible in One Year — Bringing the Story to Life This weeks reading plan per day: Monday (Gen. 25-26) Tuesday (Gen. 27-29) Wednesday (Gen. 30-31) Thursday (Gen. 32-34) Friday (Gen. 35-37) Saturday (Gen. 38-40) Sunday (Gen. 41-42) What a ride this week! Baking, birthdays, baking, eating, and I am even right where … Read more