To Those We Love

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Alice Dessert

June 9, 2013 I wrote a blog post titled “Alice Come Home!”   I am blessed that my mom has been my best friend since I was a little girl.  When in my teenage years, my friends were “having trouble” with their moms (as teenage girls are apt to do) my mom and I were tight.  We didn’t fuss or fight.  We talked with each other a lot.  She gave me special dispensation when I stayed out too late or made a mess in the kitchen.

Through my adult life we have lived together and we have lived apart.  It has been a truly wonderful life.  In 2007 my mom joined my husband and I to make a family of 3.  My mom’s Chief Son-in-Law is an extraordinary man living with two women (and I really should say “putting up” with two women.)  Some would call him a saint other’s might stay the other “s” word – stupid!

This week I received a comment on the blog post I wrote back in 2013.  The comment is from my reader Connie, and this is what she wrote:

Missing Alice brought tears to my eyes. I could say Missing Ruby. I miss her chocolate pie. I miss her wonderful contagious laugh. I miss her saying Lets ride to Graham. Or Lets just ride around the block one more time. I miss sitting on her front porch…just rocking.

I miss her warm little hands she would lay on me when she prayed. I miss seeing her little blue Honda pull into my driveway.

Her birthday is tomorrow, August 12. 93 years young. Ruby Doo is my mother. She’s making Jesus her famous Chocolate Pies now. I miss Ruby Doo.”  

I want to say thank you Connie for sharing these heartfelt words. Thank you for sharing Ruby Doo with us.  I wish I had met her but my solace is that she is living the high life with Jesus now!  Praises!  May your precious memories of your mother bring solace to you also.

Your reminder to me is to give thanks each and every day I have with my own mother here on earth as we look forward to living our eternal life together with Jesus.

Proverbs 31-29:30

My mom loves Jesus and I am so grateful to God that He has given us this life together!  I am grateful mom that you live out your faith every day.

Thank you Connie for sharing with us.   May this blog post bring sweet memories to each of you who are missing those you have loved.  If your loved one is still with you — tell them today how much you care!


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