Water Seeks Its Own Level

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Water under bridge Kendal EnglandIn a recent conversation with a friend, she said, “water seeks its own level.”  I thought for a minute and then said, “I’ve never heard that before.” There were five of us in this conversation and I was the only one who hadn’t heard this saying.  Quickly, the other four souls started explaining their own understanding of water seeking its own level.  One friend commented, “it is just a complex way of saying birds of a feather flock together.”

Then I did what I so often do … I Googled it.  There I found many points of view including this scientific quote “Everybody knows that ‘water seeks its own level’ but very few people know why water seeks its own level. The reason has most to do with water pressure depending on depth.”

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Lyndia Grant, author and motivational speaker says “water seeks its own level simply means quality people of integrity find other quality people of integrity and vice versa. It also means high quality finds high quality and low quality finds low quality. This is true in business and in life.”

As I began to ponder this I took a sharp look at my life, what I spend time on, what I read and the conversations I have.  Pastor Allen Jackson said, “show me your calendar and your bank account and I can tell you what is important in your life.”

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If water seeks its own level and I am Christian then I should be seeking to be like Christ.

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The apostle Paul guides us in 1 Corinthians 11:1 “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.”

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I’ve decided I really like this saying.  Water seeks its own level.  If I want to change the quality of people I am attracting … change my level. Change the way I think, change the things I do, the things I read, the things I spend my money on, change my conversation.

Change my level to become more Christ-like.

In the book Heaven On Earth Francis J. Connelly writes “Like water seeking its own level, if you believe in Jesus you will influence all those you come into contact with, saturating them with faith, love, and hope.  The greater your love for Jesus, the greater will be the outpouring.”  

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I recently finished reading Love Does by Bob Goff. (btw – I highly recommend it.)  Bob said, “We are not defined by our failures or even our successes, we are defined by Christ in us!”

I can wrap my head around this.  I desire to be more Christ-like and spending time in study and fellowship with other Christians is certainly one of the ways I can choose to raise the level of my life and my relationships.

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How about you? What is the level you are seeking?


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7 thoughts on “Water Seeks Its Own Level”

  1. It’s a misconception about this aphorism that it means metaphorically that “birds of a feather flock together.”

    That’s not what it means. It’s more like things balance out or equalize, just like two containers or bodies of water that are connected in some way will match levels. Analogous to a group of people, it means they will find their own level, a balance or equilibrium of energy, ideas, even overall health. Like any metaphor, it’s not perfect—it takes a long time and is never as exact as water physics, but it’s a much more profound way of thinking about it. Water doesn’t seek out similar water, it evens out with whatever water it’s connected to.

  2. Nice teaching. I used to hear this saying a lot in my younger days. I used to think of it in a way that there are some things we can’t control such as water when it – through natural forces – goes it’s own way. I probably misunderstood the real meaning and appreciate your work on it. Blessings in His name!

  3. Great work you’ve done, I pray more anointing will come upon you to do more for the Lord Jesus. Amen. Water finds its level.

  4. Your photos are just as beautiful as the words you wrote! Don’t go getting “too high and mighty” or you will have to mark me off your “hang out” list!!!!!!!


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