Week End Round Up #3

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Verse of the Day

“[Trials and Temptations] Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” James 1:2-3  NIV

Happy Friday! I hope you have had a blessed week and are looking forward to a great weekend!  I know I am.  Yesterday I posted some information about cooking with basil.  I received this comment/question from a reader.
“Maybe a little off topic, however, This year I planted two basil plants but the seeds from last season’s plants popped up on their own so now I have six plants. I have been cooking with fresh leaves like crazy and have given tons of it to friends and family, but I still have a huge amount of good basil. I want to know the best way to dry it so that I can cook with it in the future and not waste all of those leaves. Hubby is getting sick of pesto right now. I’ll be back to read more next time.”

I love hearing from readers and this is such a great question.  For drying a dehydrator can be used or the basil leaves can simply be hung over a string and left to dry and then crumbled for use.  However, when herbs are dried they loose some of their potency.  I prefer to freeze them.  Pesto sauce can be frozen in small quantities (such as in an ice cube tray) and then used later.  Basil can also be combined in a food processor and a little olive oil and then frozen for later use.  One of my favorite websites for everything frozen, dried, or canned is “Pick Your Own.org”.  I the summer time especially I use this site weekly.  For more information on drying and freezing basil, check it out here.  Thanks for the comment!
To read more about cooking with basil, check out yesterday’s post and recipe.

Looking back at the week in pictures we started out with this absolutely gorgeous roasted red pepper quiche.  I encourage you to consider this recipe as it is delicious the first time around and even better as a leftover!

And just in case you didn’t have a chance to smell this terrific soup simmering on your stove top this week here is another look at White Chicken Chili.  Last year my mom actually won first place at a Chili Cook-off at my brother’s church in Kansas City with this recipe.  Awarding winning, it is a keeper!!!
And we did share her secret flavoring ingredients:

No matter where your cooking and eating adventures take you this weekend, I wish you well.  Many blessings and happy cooking!

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