When It’s Hot Outside – Cool Oreo Cookie Dessert Inside!

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I love receiving recipes from friends and this one is a great one!  My friend Adrian gave me this recipe reminding me of the time I used to make it in the summer.   She said “it is delicious!” – and I can tell you it is!  I use to make this for my family before “the diet” (Did I Eat That?) but for now I am still looking at my size 10 pantsuit that I bought in January wondering “what was I thinking?”  So, we won’t be eating this anytime soon – but hopefully you will!

This is a perfect summer dessert combining oreo cookies (who doesn’t love them) and ice cream!  The only issue may be that it should be eaten inside rather than outside because in the heat the ice cream will melt pretty fast!

Oreo Cookie Dessert

Bottom Crust:   36 crushed cookies  and 1 stick butter

½ gallon ice cream  (vanilla or can use another favorite)


3 squares bakers semi-chocolate

3/4 cup sugar

11/2 Tablespoon butter

1 cup evaporated milk

  • Melt butter and add cookies then press into bottom of pan. Freeze.
  • Next layer soften ice cream and freeze.
  • Mix the 4 remaining ingredients, cook until thickened, which generally takes about 10 minutes after mixture begins boiling
  • Then cool completely and spread on top of ice cream

Refreeze and serve!  Fun and delicious!

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