When The Student Surpasses The Teacher & Blue Apron Sumac-Spiced Salmon

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Sumac-Spiced Salmon
Sumac-Spiced Salmon

Last February my son, Cory, and his wife, Ann, began using Blue Apron, a meal delivery service.   Both Cory and Ann work outside the home and so they share the meal preparation. But Cory enjoys cooking much more than Ann does and so he is the primary cook (and she does the clean-up!)

Cory blue apron boxBlue Apron is a nationwide delivery service (for the most part) that sends a box of pre-packaged meal ingredients, farm to table fresh, with the recipes and complete step-by-step “how to” instructions. For a price of $59.99 Blue Apron delivers three meals serving two people each. So, for less than the price of a meal out, a really nice gourmet-type meal is prepared at home. Like so many 30-something’s, my kids are very busy between their work schedules and the school and activity schedules of two growing boys!

Blue Apron Recipe Cards
Blue Apron Recipe Cards

There are several different companies that are now delivering this type of pre-portioned, ready to cook meals. Cory chose this one because of its reputation for high quality, fresh ingredients and good reviews from those who are using the service.  The day we arrived their Blue Apron box was sitting at the front door.  The box is packed with ice and everything comes out very cold and fresh.  I took some pictures as Cory unpacked the box.

On this visit, he planned a meal for my sous-chef dish-washing mom and I. The ingredients he used were purchased at the store, but the original recipe came from a Blue Apron shipment of salmon and all the necessary ingredients to make this outstanding meal. He and Ann liked it so much they re-created it for us. (Lucky us!)

Each box comes with large, laminated recipe cards (fit for a 3 ring binder) with step-by-step instructions.

As I hovered around the kitchen saying “can I help? do you need me to do this? do you want me to do that?” Cory politely said, “no thanks mom, just watch and enjoy!” So I got my camera and got busy snapping pictures.

Fresh ingredients ready to cook!
Fresh ingredients ready to cook!

As I watched Cory easily move around the kitchen, from one ingredient to another I couldn’t help remembering him as a little guy wanting to “help me” cook. I think scrambled eggs and maybe French toast were the first things I taught my two boys to make. [Soon Cory’s boys will be visiting me and although they have “helped” Grandma in the kitchen on other visits, I think this is the summer to begin teaching them to actually make … scrambled eggs? Pancakes? Grilled cheese?]

As I watched Cory quickly chop up fresh kale it hit me that the student has surpassed his teacher. I am a cook, but he chopped like a chef on the Food Network!  He smiled and laughed and was really enjoying the process of creating this dish. His mom is beaming with pride. 🙂

Okay, back to Blue Apron. Some highlights:

  • Blue Apron includes everything needed (including every spice) making dinner quite easy.
  • Makes trying new recipes especially easy with no shopping required!
  • Step by step photos on the recipe card are well-done! Also, recipes are on the Blue Apron website for anyone to use!
  • Blue Apron automatically enrolls customers in the weekly delivery plan, but there is an option to skip as many deliveries as desired with no penalty.
  • Meal plans are posted a week in advance so you can decide if you want those particular dishes.

Possible negatives:

  • Right now, Blue Apron doesn’t allow any meal choices beyond “meat, fish or vegetarian.” Cory and Ann don’t make weekly choices, they accept whatever is on the menu so that they can try different foods and recipes. In all the meals since February, they have only had one that they really didn’t care for. Cory says it wasn’t terrible, just not a favorite.
  • Might be a little pricey, but also very convenient for busy folks!
Cory and his sous-chef dish-washing Grandma!
Cory and his sous-chef dish-washing Grandma!

My sous-chef dish-washing mom really enjoyed watching Cory create this lovely meal.

plating cory and alice
As he plated the dinner the fragrance throughout the kitchen was wonderful.  I wish you could just taste a morsel of this fabulous meal!

Cory has found that some of the spices used are definitely new to him, but not impossible to find, especially in larger stores or Whole Foods-type stores.

First bite sumac salmonI just had to take this picture after the first bite to show you how flaky and beautiful this pan-fried salmon turned out.

Bottom line – I would like to try it, but my frugal self probably isn’t going to give it a go. However, I am definitely going to check out the recipes on Blue Apron website and I will continue to cheer Cory and Ann on as they make such lovely, healthy, and delicious weekday meals.

On second thought … I just might give Blue Apron a try!  As a current customer, Cory can send me an “invite” to give them a try for free!  I’ll keep you posted!  You will find a pdf version of the recipe below!  Thank you, Cory for helping me with this blog post!  I love you! 🙂

Happy Creative Cooking!

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”
Numbers 6:24-26

Sumac Salmon and Labneh

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  1. It does make a mother proud to see her son prepare a meal! Back in my day that was unheard of. The meal looked great and delicious !

  2. I’ve done this with two companies–both free or deeply discounted. I’ll tell you my experience when we meet again.


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