50 Trending Christmas Posts – Over 5 MILLION Shares!

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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas recipe? Maybe you’ve waited until last minute to start planning your Christmas dinners this year. No worries, we’ve gathered 50 trending Christmas posts that are sure to delight!

The posts below all have at least 25,000 shares and over 5 MILLION collectively!

50 Trending Christmas Posts

Need a unique Christmas gift idea? We’ve even sprinkled some of those in at the bottom for you.

The Best Christmas Desserts

To me, it isn’t Christmas without a wonderful Christmas dessert. All of these desserts are sure to tempt your sweet tooth. Which one is your favorite?

The Best Christmas Dinner Options

Oh, it’s time for the Christmas feast! No matter what your diet is, you will love these delicious main dishes. What Christmas food traditions do you have with your family and friends?

Other Trending Christmas Posts

It’s not all about Christmas desserts and Christmas dinner. These trending Christmas posts cover everything from side dishes to last minute Christmas gift ideas, to Christmas games and decorations!

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50 Trending Christmas Posts

Merry Christmas!

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