This page is titled GRAND because I am featuring recipes that have come from Grandma’s recipe box.  My Grandma Paulsen, my Gram Greathouse, my Grandmother ET, my mother “Grandma Alice” and any other “Grands” that I come up with.   Just click on the the recipe and it should open up a file of the recipe.  Where possible, the recipe is in its original form on a recipe card from one of the Grands!  The recipes can be printed for easier reading.

Grandma Paulsen
Grandma Paulsen
  1. Raisin Oatmeal Cookies
  2. Carol’s Apple Cookies
  3. Great Grandma Noler’s Recipe
  4.  Prune Whip
  5. Grandma’s Spritz Cookies
  6.  Rolled Sugar Cookies
  7.  Cream Puffs
  8.   Baked Custard
  9.   Bread Pudding
  10.   Grandma’s Old Fashion Oatmeal Cookies
  11.   Grandma Paulsen’s Brownies
  12.   Aunt Nora Lea’s Salad
  13.   Grandma’s Chicken Squares
  14.   Grandma’s Peanut Butter Cookies
  15.   Grandma’s Drop Donuts
  16.   Christmas-time Anise Cookies


Grandma's Spritz Cookies made by my Cousin Ron!
Grandma’s Spritz Cookies made by my Cousin Ron!



Cousin Scott's cream puffs from Grandma's recipe!
Cousin Scott’s cream puffs from Grandma’s recipe!


Anise Cookies 1,134
1,134 Anise Cookies

Thank you to my Aunt Carol, cousins Beth Sell Schultz and Jill Paulsen Harrison for supplying copies of some of Grandma’s recipes.  I still have more of Grandma P’s recipes and will be adding them as time goes by.

* My grandmother made Anise Cookies for half the towns people on a regular basis.  But she specially made them for my father whenever we came to visit.  He loved them and would eat handfuls at a time!  I remember it so well.

  1. Alice’s Chicken Salad
  2. BBQ Ham Balls

My husband spent a good deal of his childhood with his grandparents, Nora and Robert Cyree.  Nora raised 9 children and a gaggle of grandchildren.  Lee remembers her cooking over a wood burning stove  from sun-up to sun down.

Lee’s Granny
  1. Butter Rolls

6 thoughts on “GRAND”

  1. Catherine, loved reading all the notes on the recipes, especially the anise cookies. I remember that the most about visiting her. She would have a table on her back porch with bags on them for people to pick up.

  2. How fun to see Velma’s recipes in her own hand writing. Velma is my husband Richard’s Aunt. His mother (Carrie) and Velma are sisters. Velma’s handwriting looks exactly like Carries!
    Best wishes,

    • Dear Annette,
      How lovely to hear from you. I am thrilled that you have my blog and have seen the recipes from Grandma. I miss her so much and this is just one small way that I live out the part of her in me! I have more recipes of hers given to me by Aunt Carol and Cousin Beth. I plan to get them posted in the future. Have you and I ever met? I would think so, but I am not sure. Blessings, Catherine

  3. I love the editorial on the back of the anise cookie recipe that says to make them only when you have lots of time and are in a good mood. No wonder Grandma made them all the time, she was never in a bad mood. And no wonder I never make them, I never have lots of time. Thanks for the memories! I hope your anise cookies turn out as good as you remember them.


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