Dehydrating Oranges For Fun Gifts or For Eating / Psalm 119:103

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Christina's dried oranges
My incredibly talented niece, Christina, posted this picture of dried oranges on Facebook.  It caught my attention because it is so pretty and because I love to dehydrate stuff!Christina2

I asked her if I could post the picture and she readily agreed and sent me the following information.

“They make great gifts or
just to keep in your own kitchen

“If the oranges you dry are really sweet, then they could be eaten as a snack once dry. But if they are off season then they don’t really make a great snack, but are perfect for teas, infused water and even in recipes.

You can also sprinkle them with a bit of cinnamon or nutmeg while drying for a very fragrant result.

You can also do lemons and limes and they look really cute in smaller jars.

Four trays at 135* took about 15-17 hours to dehydrate. Once done, I let them cool completely for several hours and then used a wide mouth jar sealer to seal them.”

Thank you so much Christina for sharing this cute and delicious idea! I particularly like the idea of dropping one of these orange slices in a glass of cool refreshing ice tea this summer!  Yum!


Psalm 119:103

How sweet are your words to my taste,
sweeter than honey to my mouth!

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