Update! Wicked Women of The Bible

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I am anxiously counting down the days to September 22 when Ann Spangler will release her new book Wicked Women of the Bible.  I am nearly through reading about Wicked desire (Bathsheba), Wicked Funny (Esther … aka How A Good Queen Gets the Last Laugh!) and even a Wicked Birthday Party – the story of Herodias and Salome!

My exciting “update” to YOU is that Ann is offering a FREE download of her 40 page e-book “Wicked Men of the Bible” to anyone who pre-orders Wicked Women of the Bible before it releases on September 22,  After you pre-order, to get your free copy of the e-book, simply email your receipt to [email protected].

You can pre-order here.  More information is available here.

You are going to want to make sure you don’t miss any of my blog posts leading up to the launch because I am going to give away two signed copies of Wicked Women of the Bible!  

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exodus 23-22


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