Valentine Week RoundUp

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Walking Through the Bible in One Year —
Bringing the Story to Life
Week 3 reading plan per day:
Monday (Gen. 43-45) Tuesday (Gen. 46-47)
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Friday (Ex. 4-6) Saturday (Ex. 7-9)
Sunday (Ex. 10-12)

What a wonderful week filled with sweet treats and some fun-filled days.  I had a “blogging first” that has turned out to be a hoot!  I was cruising through some foodie photos on Food Buzz and I came across this picture with the caption Chipotle Sweet Potato Skillet Biscuits!  Oh my gosh!
Be still my heart.  I love chipotle flavor, sweet potatoes are a staple here and biscuits — well, need I say more.  No problem, I will just do some surfing and find the recipe.  Make the recipe, share the step-by-step with you, my friends, and post some equally wonderful pictures.

However, it was not to be.  The recipe could not be found.  But how can that be?  I saw the picture, baked by Scarletta Bakes.

I read her website inside and out (which is GREAT, by the way).

I Googled every name in the recipe.  I turned the internet upside down, inside out and couldn’t find the recipe.  Of course — I just need to ask Scarletta.  Ah, but does she read the comments on her blog, will she know I am looking for the recipe, will she take time to answer ….  ???? Here is the SOS I sent.

I realize it is a little hard to read but here is what I wrote: 
Dearest Scarletta, I would love make your Chipotle Sweet Potato Skillet Biscuits but I have looked high and low and can’t find the recipe.  Please help!  Company coming!!!  Blessings Catherine

You can read the rest of the story from Scarletta aka Meagan, herself.  It is worth the read to hear in her own words.  I will give you a hint — there is a happy ending that I will share with you next week!  In the meantime, check out Scarletta Bakes!  Speaking of happy ending, it is the end of another week and need I say February is flying by?  Looking back at the week I am a little surprised that I ended up posting all sweet recipes.  But then, it was Valentine’s Day!  The Starlight Yellow Cake is gone and only a lovely memory now. Wonder what he will do next year??? hmmm….
Then there was the chocolaty moist buttermilk Tommy Cake that mom made to share on my blog.  A great thing about Tommy Cake is that it freezes really well.  It makes such a big panful we like to take part of it and freeze in individual pieces.  Then, when the cupboard seems bare of dessert we thaw a little Tommy Cake and it tastes perfectly fresh all over again!

Rounding out the sugar load for the week, these fun and delicious Peppermint Heart Krispies.  My peppermint marshmallows are now gone from the freezer.  I can’t wait until Christmas … oh, now that is just sick.

Looking ahead to next week, Tuesdays With Dorie is rolling around on Tuesday, February 21.  We will be making and posting Chocolate Truffle Tartlets   from Dorie Greenspan’s book, Baking With Julia.  I will be posting my first time experience of making a classic French tart shell — cranked up a notch with chocolate through and through!  I hope you will join me for this baking extravaganza!

I wish you all many blessings and happy cooking this weekend!


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