Weekend RoundUP March 24

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I hope you are having a good weekend. Down south the thunderstorms have rolled through bringing wind, rain, hail, and then so typical of Mother Nature she throws in some sunshine! schizophrenic weather – it must be spring!  This week was my Tuesdays With Dorie baking and we made Irish Soda Bread.  We ate the bread for dinner soon after I made it but had some left over.  I put the left over in the freezer for another day.  Recently I was looking for something “sweet” for after dinner.  I remembered the Irish Soda Bread (which isn’t sweet at all) and some strawberries I had in the freezer.  I thawed the berries, put a little simple syrup over them to bring out some juice and served over the thawed soda bread.  This is really old-fashioned strawberry shortcake in every sense of the word.  The soda bread absorbed the syrup and the whole thing was delicious.  Such a nice second-use of the soda bread!

Since I really don’t care for “leftovers” I often times put them in the freezer.  Out of sight, out of mind kinda thinking 🙂  Sometimes I am really good about going back and retrieving the frozen packages, as with the soda bread.  Sometimes I’m not so good about it.  However, since the Strawberry Shortcake turned out so well I went back into the freezer and found a package of 2 leftover cinnamon rolls.  I know you are probably wondering how in the world we would even have leftover cinnamon rolls. But that is easy to explain, there are 3 of us.  There were 2 cinnamon rolls — into the freezer they went!  Once I thawed them I cut them up into little bite size pieces and used them along with some leftover french bread and made some killer (not literally) bread pudding!  I only wish you could taste this with the crispy pecans on top covered with the luscious syrup flavored with Frangelico liqueur.  If you click on the picture I have linked them to the original posting of the recipe.
Although I don’t care for leftovers I absolutely love turning a leftover into a brand new something delicious!
I finished up the week with a little test baking of the new ParchmentBake by Mrs. Paul’s.  I fix Tilapia once a week (for our good health) and so we are pretty spoiled with my own herbs and spices for baking and grilling Tilapia.  But for a really fast and easy, moist and flaky Tilapia this is a good choice!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with many blessings and happy cooking!
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