Alice Come Home, Please!

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Grandma AliceTo My Dear Sous-Chef Dish-Washing Mom,

It has been two weeks since you left to spend time at my little brother Mike’s home.  I am quite sure you have had a lovely time with he and Kay.  I know you have enjoyed getting to see your granddaughters, their husbands, and your great-grandchildren.  I get that.  I am happy for you.  But, I think it is time for you to come home.

3 foals and moms

You might be interested to know what has happened in your absence. To start with six little foals have been born in the pasture down the road.  These three where napping when I stopped by.  Their momma’s are needing to eat lots fresh grass to keep up their strength.

Foal and mom feeding

This little darling isn’t very old and he was napping when I arrived but soon woke up for his afternoon feeding. You will love seeing them grow this summer!

yellow iris

This gorgeous yellow iris bloomed down by the creek.  Since  yellow is one of your favorite colors I knew you would want to see this!

Moms Violet

Closer to home, actually in your sun room, these beautiful white violets have bloomed.  I kept them watered for you so they wouldn’t miss you so much.

messy kitchen

In the kitchen things haven’t gone so well.  Cooking and baking isn’t nearly so much fun without you.  I’m not saying that just because you wash all the dishes — although dishes have been a problem.  The Chief even mentioned that I sure spend a lot of time in the kitchen after dinner each night! “These dishes don’t wash themselves”  I said, a little too forcefully.  He said, “By the way, when is Alice coming home?”  I am quite sure he was saying how much he misses you too, and the timing is just a coincidence. 🙂

kitchen dishes
The dishes never seem to get done.  They are either in the sink to be washed or in the sink to be dried.  The crazy-cook you left here doesn’t do a very good job of washing or drying! She doesn’t do a good job of loading the dishwasher either — but you already know that! 🙂

lemon balm

The garden is growing and Mother Nature has been kind to do a lot of the watering for us!

lettuce cleaned
We are eating fresh garden lettuce daily.  Our Chief Gardener says we will have yellow squash this week!  If you come home soon I’ll fix you fresh salads with lots of fresh fruits too!

As a matter of fact, here are a couple of items on the menu for this week:

pot roast pot brocPot Roast simmered in a lovely bouquet of sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and a sprinkling of red wine!

baked roast chickenRoasted Chicken from the Barbie

spinach penne chicken salad plate

Well, hopefully you get the idea … I’ll be cooking up some of your favorites! By the way mom, I have made two new desserts with your favorite fruit — peaches!  I’m really not trying to bribe you — okay, forget I said that.  I am trying to bribe youPeaches and Cream Freezer Pie and Peach Dumplings.  They are here waiting for you.  (Recipes shared later!)

Mom's house
I cleaned your house and I even did the ironing.  But truthfully, none of the many things you do for us is the reason it is time to come home.  We miss you.  It is just too quiet around here.  We miss knowing that you are here, in your own home, your own space, but here.

We miss chatting over dinner.  We miss you walking back and forth to the laundry room.  We miss going to church with you.  We miss you feeding the birds.  The birds miss you.  We miss you running into the room saying, “hurry, you’ve just got to see this!”  We miss your smile and your good nature.  We miss you. Be safe traveling and hurry home!

Blessings, Catherine and The Chief




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8 thoughts on “Alice Come Home, Please!”

  1. Missing Alice brought tears to my eyes. I could say Missing Ruby. I miss her chocolate pie. I miss her wonderful contagious laugh. I miss her saying Lets ride to Graham. Or Lets just ride around the block one more time. I miss sitting on her front porch…just rocking.

    I miss her warm little hands she would lay on me when she prayed. I miss seeing her little blue Honda pull into my driveway.

    Her birthday is tomorrow, August 12. 93 years young. Ruby Doo is my mother. She’s making Jesus her famous Chocolate Pies now. I miss Ruby Doo.

    • Dearest Connie, thank you for sharing this heartfelt comment. I am sorry this didn’t get posted until toay which is the 13th, but your words touched my heart and left me wishing I had known Ruby Doo. God Bless You!

  2. I love this! I love Alice too and just want to tell her that we here in Nebraska miss her too! But it is bearable knowing how much you all love her and how blessed she is to have a loving family and a beautiful place to live!

  3. This post made me smile. If she doesn’t come home soon, how about if I come and live with your for a while?

    • Now YOU have made ME smile! I love you dear cousin and you are welcome anytime! Of course, these days you might need to make a reservation. I guess you can take the girl out of the bed and breakfast but you can’t take the bed and breakfast out of the girl. Lee’s mom, sister, and his sister’s granddaughter arrived yesterday for a couple weeks! 🙂


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