Chicken! Bacon Wrapped or Parmesan Crusted

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“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”    1 John 3:18

I am currently studying in 1 John  and this verse keeps playing over and over in my mind.  It reminds me that talk is cheap and that actions of love towards one another is what really counts.   When John writes, “Little children” he is talking to US!  He is talking to believers and “the Church” at the time.  But today it is relevant because he is reminding believers to show love to one another in the way we treat others, care for them, and meet their needs.

garlic parmesan chicken finish
Now, what’s for dinner?

I received this comment from one of my readers, Ida.  She says “Thanks so much for sharing Longhorn Parmesan Crusted Chicken . I made it and it was awesome!!”

Thank you Ida for taking time to leave me this comment.  It has reminded me how much I like this recipe.  At a recent lunch at Longhorn we found out they have taken this great entrée off the menu.  The Chief, my sous-chef dish-washing mom and I decided we need to put it on my menu soon!  Blessings to you and happy cooking!

baked stuffed chicken breasts
Another reader, Marilyn, wrote this to me via email recently, “I made this yesterday for supper… I’m not a huge fan of chicken, but I had to try this recipe… I did as the recipe says. What I also did was basted it with Sweet Chilli sauce, ground pepper and garlic… I think this recipe is awesome… Thank you for sharing…”

I absolutely love how Marilyn changed this up with sweet chili sauce, pepper and garlic.  It sounds awesome.  This recipe is the most requested recipe on my website and brings hundreds of viewers here every day.  If you haven’t checked it out see what you’ve missed at Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese-Stuffed Chicken!

Happy Cooking and Have a Blessed Day!


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14 thoughts on “Chicken! Bacon Wrapped or Parmesan Crusted”

  1. Made the chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with chess. It was wonderful. Can’t wait to try some of your other recipes.

  2. I just found your site from a Facebook post about your Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast recipe. I will definitely be trying the recipe, but I also wanted to tell you how happy I was to find your site. I appreciate your open expression of love for our Lord, and I will definitely be visiting your site again. Keep up the good work. ~Susan

    • Susan thank you for taking time to comment. Some days my walk with Jesus seems lonely, but then I read a comment like yours and I hear the LORD quieting my heart and reminding me I am not of this world, I am not alone, and when I spend time sharing my love for Him on this website it touches those He wants it to touch. Welcome!


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