Cookbook Giveaway and Rolo Me Over Turtles!

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When You Want to Be Joyful

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37:4

My first cookbook giveaway starts RIGHT NOW!

What is YOUR favorite cookbook?  To enter the drawing go to the bottom of this post and leave a comment — or tell me your favorite cookbook!  This will automatically enter you into the giveaway for today’s drawing.  Over the next three weeks I am going to giveaway 5 books.  They are all new and have come from my own collection.  I love cookbooks.  Often times when I have the opportunity to buy a book I rationalize that I should buy TWO, using one of them for a gift!  That is what I am doing this Christmas and I hope YOU are the lucky winner!  I need to have a minimum of  25 comments registered and the drawing will be done by  Winner announced tomorrow.
Ready, set …. GO to the bottom of this post to find the comments section.

Continuing with sweets, treats and appetizers for your holiday partying I love this recipe for Rolo Me Over Turtles (my own name!)  I have already made two batches, given most of them away and am getting the pressure from my own family to MAKE MORE!

Start with these little jewels:

Add some Pretzels, warm in oven and top with a pecan!  They are gooey, chocolatey, nutty, crunchy, soft and squishy all rolo’d into one! 🙂

I have seen this recipe on many websites including  It is fun and definitely a keeper! A really great recipe to make with the kids.  They will have a ball helping!

In case you missed last weeks Sugar Cookies click on the picture for the recipe.

Many Blessings and Happy CookiNG!
Rolo Me Over Turtles!
Quick and easy holiday treat! Always make twice as many as you need -- they disappear really fast!
  • Rolo Chocolate Caramel Candy (there are about 56 in a bag)
  • 56 Square Pretzels
  • 56 Whole Pecans
  1. Place pretzels on a baking sheet, evenly spaced.
  2. Add one Rolo candy (sans the wrapper) on each pretzel.
  3. Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Place in oven for 4 to 5 minutes. The candy will not look melted but don't leave them for more than 5 mintues.
  4. Remove from oven and place a pecan on top of each Rolo pressing down slightly on the melted chocolate and caramel.
  5. Let them cool at room temperature.
  6. Enjoy!

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25 thoughts on “Cookbook Giveaway and Rolo Me Over Turtles!”

  1. I’ve been looking at my new Southern Living cookbook all week – it really makes you want to bake and bake and eat and eat…..

  2. Hi Aunt Catherine! I am SO making these little gems for Christmas! I am certain they will be a hit! I have a lot of cookbooks and I use the Pampered Chef ones the most but the one I have had the longest and go to the most for the basics is my good ole red and white Betty Crocker cookbook. I think I got it when I graduated from high school?!

  3. I have a few being the Ina garten Barefoot Contessa books. I also have a book from the preschool that I went to a long time ago that is a contribution by all the mothers. It is called beyond Peanut Butter and Jelly.

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention my favorite cookbook. My favorite cookbook is the one that my Mom gave me for my 25th birthday. It is a family heirloom cookbook. My Mom solicited a favorite recipe from all of our family members, and put them all into one amazing family history cookbook. It’s a one-of-a-kind cookbook that I will cherish forever and I will be passing on to one of my boys when they grow up.

  5. Hi daughter Catherine….
    You know how much I love cookbooks! I can just sit and look through them by the hour. I have many favorites.. each one has at least one favorite recipe but my pick today will be “Walnut Grove Bed and Breakfast” cookbook authored by Catherine . I hope one of you will win it. (Maybe even me!)

  6. Catherine, I love to collect cookbooks and enjoy reading recipes. One of my favorite recipe books is “Vintage Vicksburg.” This was published by the Vicksburg, Mississippi Junior Auxiliary, however, I purchased the book from “Accents” in Shelbyville. I enjoy reading your blog and have passed it along to my sister a few times. Barbara

  7. I love your recipes you post! And even more I would love to be a winner of your cookbook. My son thinks the Rolo Turtles are the best. Sorry I missed you when you were in Alliance recently- hope to see you the next time you are in town. Several of us met for lunch the other day. I look forward to your holiday recipes.

    • Welcome Kathie! Glad you stopped by, especially on the day we are giving away a cookbook! I hope you will subscribe and come back often. I would love for you to share a recipe or two of yours. Just go to the “Contact” tab and you will be able to type in the recipe!

  8. I made the Rolo Me Over Turtles over the weekend, and passed the recipe on to two others. Had I known in advance that they were THAT easy, I would have bought more rolos! Back to the store for me! 🙂

  9. HI Catherine! I so enjoy your blog! My husband, Mike Maxum, works with Cory. I have been wanting to write a comment for months now…but get busy! I made a recipe Friday night that Cory thought I should send to you…would I do that in the comment section? I must say that I don’t have a favorite cookbook that I use all the time…I have a few. Some favotie recipes come from Simply Seattle, Colorado Creche, Amercia’s Best Loved Community Recipes, and a magazine called Food Everyday. I love getting a magazine every month with new ideas! Thanks so much for sharing all of your recipes! That topsy turvy apple pie- oh my! And we love the Oh boy! Waffles that come from your brother! My mother in law made those pretzel/rolos for our daughters graduation party- they were gone! (before the homemade cookies!) Thank you again and God Bless!!

    • Hi Robyn, so good to hear from you this morning! I am glad you are trying some of the recipes with success! Cory tells me you are an incredible cook and I would be honored if you would share a recipe or two! Just go to the “contact” tab on this website and you will be able to type in your recipe or “cut and paste it” if you have it stored on your computer. I look forward to it! Good luck in the cookbook give away today!

  10. I would be honored too win one of ur cookbooks.. love following all of ur recipes… U sure do have a Talent…Have so many cookbooks… Our church one is probably the one I use the most… always Love trying new recipes though.. thanks for all of urs..

  11. My favorite cookbook of all time, hands down, is the Seward Nebraska United Methodist Cookbook published in about 1977. It contains recipes submitted from the dear ladies in the church that I grew up in, and each recipe and recipe contributor brings back wonderful memories of my time growing up in that small town. Even though some of the ladies have passed on, their recipes will remain forever. And, of course, being a small town in Nebraska, none of the recipes call for any real “gourmet” ingredients that you can’t find in a regular grocery store. The grocery store in Seward where my mom used to shop regularly had only two aisles, and she always found everything she needed for all her recipes. I have a cookbook collection with over 100 cookbooks, and if I had to choose just one, this would be the one.

  12. I was lucky enough to receive some of these this week. They are absolutely delicious and it can be your secret that they were so easy!!!


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