Dishes In A Drawer

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drawer dishes

Sometimes really clever ideas come when you least expect it!  When visiting my friend Eileen in England this summer I asked if I could help set the table for dinner the first night we were there.  She said “sure, the dishes are in that drawer” pointing to a deep drawer under her stove top.  IN THE DRAWER?

As I opened the drawer and took the plates out the first thing I noticed is how much easier it is for me to reach into the drawer and pick up the heavier dinner plates than reaching up into the cupboard and wrestling them down, like I do at home.


I got really excited because I would not have thought of this in a million years!  Since my sous chef dish-washing mom does the dishes in our home (I know, blessed is the word you are looking for …) I immediately thought how much easier this would be for her.  Besides that, my kitchen is pretty small and our dishwasher sits directly in front of the cabinet where the plates, bowls, and cups are kept making it hard to reach up and put them away when unloading the dishwasher.

If you have a large drawer or drawers in your kitchen you may want to give this a try.  My sous chef dish-washing mom and I just love it!

Thank you Eileen!

Blessings and Happy Dishwashing!

Proverbs 19-21


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  1. Some of those dishes look familiar. I’ve been using my drawers for dishes since moving into this micro-mini kitchen and it does work very well.


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