Everything’s Coming Up Cupcakes

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I have a new purchase from Amazon that I absolutely LOVE! I cannot believe I have been without one of these for the bazillion years I’ve been cooking and baking. My new purchase is this awesome cookbook holder. I chose the IHD-105 Transparent / Clear Book Stand (Bookstand / Bookstands / Holder / Cookbook / Music).  This stand is acrylic, easy to wash off (I am a messy cook to say the least), and looks really great just sitting on the counter with a book on it!  But the best part is when I am reading the recipe the book stays open — I can actually read the recipe and I am not putting my sticky, greasy, and sometimes gooey fingers on it.   I put a link on my site for this holder from Amazon.  Because it is acrylic the photo is hard to see, but trust me, you’ll love it!

Now that I have an awesome cookbook holder all the rest of today’s post is “everything you ever wanted to know about frosting cupcakes” and it is not coming from a cookbook.  Instead it is coming from the fun and quirky website of Our Best Bites.  Sara put together a blog post filled with great pictures, advice, and directions how to frost cupcakes.  I found it so informative I hope you will take a look for yourself.  In the meantime, here is a snippet of the info she shared.

She starts out simple, telling us what kind of tips to use and not to use.
  Couplings for frosting bags are a must.  She is not nearly as messy as I am! : )

These are only a few of the step-by-step pictures you will find at Our Best Bites.  Click on the name and I have put a link to their site.
I think these are just darling and so festive!  And if these don’t give you and idea or two for some summer parties, how about cupcakes in a jar?I am keeping my eyes open for some of these 1/2 pint jars and when I find them you’ll know because I’ll be bloggin’ about them 🙂

Tomorrow my husband’s aunt Lena turns 106.  Her sister Emma is 100, their brother is 91, my mother-in-law keeps her age a secret, but I am pretty sure she is 88 and their baby sister is 75!  We are surprising Lena tomorrow with none other than CUPCAKES!
These Chocolate Chip Mousse Cupcakes are still at the top of my cupcake list.  May is such a hectic month for everyone, but I hope you will find time for a little rest, reflection and sweetness.

Many Blessings and Happy Cooking!

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