Grandma’s Sweets Shared By Her Grandsons

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Grandma Paulsen
Grandma Paulsen

My Grandma Paulsen was a lovely, gentle, funny lady. No matter who or when someone stopped by her home there were always cookies.  And sandwiches and treats.  And so much more.  My Grandfather was a Nebraska farmer and some of my best childhood memories took place romping wildly with my cousins through the barn, the playhouse, and even the outhouse!  I never lived in the same community as my grandparents, but I know without a doubt my Grandma influenced my love of creating “home.”  Cooking, quilting, cleaning (okay not cleaning).  Writing.  My Grandmother left us a couple of beautiful journals and when I read her handwritten stories I hear her voice.  The lilt, the love, the laughter.

Grandma's Spritz Cookies made by my Cousin Ron
Grandma’s Spritz Cookies made by my Cousin Ron

It turns out my Grandma Paulsen’s creative cooking DNA runs through many of my cousins. Imagine my surprise when my cousin Ron’s wife Amy sent me a message asking, Hi .. Ron was wondering if u have Grandma Paulsen’s spritz cookie recipe? The one she alway made he said with the jam in the middle … He thought u may have it .. Lol”

I quickly went to and clicked on the

Cousin Ron and Wife Amy
Cousin Ron and Wife Amy

“GRAND” tab.  Yes.  I have her Spritz Cookie recipe!  It didn’t take Cousin Ron long to realize Grandma made the pretty centers with gum drops.  Within a very short while, they sent me this picture.   Wow!  These look  just like Grandma’s! Grandma’s written recipes were a bit “skimpy” on details.  I think she just knew what to do. Her Spritz cookie recipe can be found here.

Scott's Cream Puffs
Cousin Scott’s Cream Puffs

But here is where the story gets funny … and lovely. I quickly posted my cousin’s achievements on Facebook. (Amy said Ron wouldn’t want the attention, so she couldn’t do it … but,  he would never tell me no!)

Cousin Scott and Wife Kathy
Cousin Scott and Wife Kathy

While bragging and posting about Ron’s Spritz cookies my cousin Scott (Ron’s younger brother) was busy in the kitchen making Grandma P’s cream puffs.  That is when Scott and Kathy invited Ron and Amy over for a cream puff.  I am speculating here, but I suspect there was a bit of
one-upmanship and competition going on!  (Hey boys, am I wrong?)

cream puffs 4

I used Grandma’s basic cream puff recipe to make these Pumpkin Cream Puffs during my first year of blogging.  I still try to make cream puffs at least once a year for the family and friends.  It’s a family tradition.

Anise Cookies 1,134

Speaking of tradition, one of my father’s favorite cookies were these little “Anise cookies.”  Grandma made them at Christmas time and I remember my father eating them … by the handfuls!

laura's cookies 2

After posting Grandma’s Anise cookie recipe a couple of years ago, my cousin Laura made them and sent these to us!  Yes, Grandma is still with us … she gave us her DNA and she lives on through us in every moment we spend in the kitchen and loving each other!

This lovely exchange with Amy, Ron, Scott and Kathy just made my heart sing and flooded my mind with family memories.  Thank you, my dear cousins, for sharing Grandma P’s creations from your own kitchens.  Keep ’em coming!

Happy Baking!
~ Catherine

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4 thoughts on “Grandma’s Sweets Shared By Her Grandsons”

  1. This is one of my favorite of all your posts. Maybe it’s because my cousins and I just published a family cookbook. We had so much fun remembering grandma’s recipes. And I didn’t know you liked to quilt! It’s my other hobby. Really enjoyed this post!

  2. This post is so precious, it almost makes me cry. I was thinking about a week ago about how I would like to be remembered, and that is when I thought of Grandma and all the love she put into her cooking and how her grandchildren have such fond memories of her and her special treats. And every week when she was baking those treats in her small kitchen, would she ever think she would be so fondly remembered 50+ years later? She would have loved to know how much she meant to all those who knew her, especially her grandkids, even those bratty boys!


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