My Little Firecracker! Happy Birthday Chris

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What a day! I’m so miserable and it is still hot at 10 p.m. But then, what can I expect for July 2 in western Nebraska?  It looks like this baby in my belly is not going to make an appearance for my brother Mike’s 20th birthday.  Only two hours left of his birthday … and well, given the fact I was in labor last time for 12 hours, I’m not expecting much.

I am totally ashamed of myself.  All that ranting and raving I did today about how there is absolutely no room for the baby bottle sterilizer in our itsy, bitsy, tiny kitchen.  Ha! Not even enough counter space to fix a meal let alone keep bottles sterilized, sippy cups and plates for little Cory.  I wonder if there will ever be a time when baby bottle sterilizers aren’t even used? They take up so much counter space.

When we bought this house last year it seemed so “quaint” and “cozy” and “cute”.  It sure didn’t take long for quaint to turn into old, cozy really means “too little” and cute – well don’t get me started on all the decorating that needs done around here.

Ugh, I am so pathetic it is no wonder my husband is sound asleep in bed and I am tossing and turning on the couch.  Truthfully I can’t even stand myself tonight.  I can’t get comfortable, it is so hot, even with the air conditioner blasting.  At least my sweet little 15 month-old Cory is sound asleep.

Midnight, straight up – ouch!  Yikes, that hurt!

Oh, our new little addition to the family is going to be born on July 3, 1978.   Ouch! I don’t remember starting out this way last time.  I’ll just walk around for a while, maybe that will help.  Nope, that’s no good.  How about stretching out in the recliner?  Oh no, that is awful.  I know, I’ll time the contractions – breath, breath, relax, breath, breath, relax.  Two minutes apart!  I’ve got to go to the hospital!  Dave, Dave, get up, get up, we have to go to the hospital! 

A very sleepy, soon-to-be-new dad is making his way to the shower.  The shower?  We’ve got to go!

Call mom.

Call Sue.  Sue is coming over to stay with Cory until morning.

Three a.m.  What is that sound?  Don’t tell me he is blow drying his hair?!!!  DAVE we’ve got to go!  I can hear him say “we don’t want to spend all that time at the hospital like when Cory was born, do we?”

I know we were there for 12 hours before Cory was born, but I think we need to go – now.

Getting to the car is difficult in between contractions.  Breath, breath, breath, ouch. Oh my gosh, getting out of the car and walking across the parking lot is difficult. Stop, breath, go, stop, breath, go.

There’s mom, I figured she would beat us here.  “What took you so long?” she asks.  I can’t talk now, breath, breath, breath …

It’s 4:30 a.m. and I can’t believe no one is excited around here.  Would someone please check me?  I’m going to have this baby – soon.  Now it is almost 4:45 a.m. and there seems to be more staff and more commotion. The first nurse that checks me just went to get someone else.  Is she new? Can’t she tell how far along I am?  The second nurse quickly starts barking orders and just said “let’s get her to the delivery room!”

“Yes” I said, to no one in particular, “I told you I am going to have this baby!”

Christopher David Anderson was born at 4:56 a.m.  July 3, 1978.  My little firecracker.  I think I just experienced all the fireworks I want for this year! Thank you God for this darling little boy weighing in at a perfect 7 lbs. 3 ounces.  My doctor didn’t make it – apparently he isn’t the one on call.  Do we have to pay full price if the doctor on call arrives just in time to catch the little guy and snip the cord?

It isn’t even 7 a.m. and I am already in my hospital room.  I think I’ll call Sue and give her the good news.

“Sue, all the pains are gone.”
“What? How can that be? What are you doing calling me?” she said.
“Sue — It’s a boy!”
“C-a-t-h-y, How do you know?”

Yes, it is true, that is what she said.  “How do I know it’s a boy?”  Thirty-five years later we are still laughing about the fact that I went to the hospital and less than 2 hours later we added a beautiful little boy to our family.  When I gave Sue the news she just couldn’t wrap her head around the idea that our baby had already been born!

Happy 35th birthday to my son Christopher.
I love you ever so much.

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