St. Patrick’s Day Just Around The Corner

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Oh my gosh, St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday, I married a Southern man of Irish descent and I haven’t posted even one special St. Patrick’s Day recipe.  So, I decided to surf the net and bring you the best of some of my favorite bloggers for this year.
Probably my very favorite St. Patty’s Day recipe has got to be the number one sought after recipe for the Brown Eyed Baker.  Last year she created Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes and if the names doesn’t get your attention, then the ingredient list will.  I mean really — Guinness stout, cocoa powder, Irish Whiskey, and Bailey’s Irish Creme??  Check out this link to her blog for her story of this creation.
The Ladies at Our Best Bites cooked up a really eclectic list of St. Patrick’s Day foods that range from Split Pea Soup to Key Lime Tarts and a whole bunch of good eats in between.  You can catch their story here.
And finally, would any holiday celebration be complete without a chocolate cake … Chocolate Stout Cake!  Last year Tracey’s Culinary Adventures featured this awesome looking chocolate cake loaded with nothing less than Guinness stout!

With my chief culinary consultant in the last week of training for the Los Angeles marathon (March 18) there isn’t any chocolate cake at our table this week and definitely NO Guinness on St. Pat’s Day.  However, after the race I have promised him a celebratory chocolate something.  Then it will be right back to training as the Jack Daniel’s Oak Barrel Half Marathon is only a few weeks away.  He runs, I bake.  He runs, I eat.  Hmmmm, something is wrong with this picture.

Wishing you a Happy St. Patty’s day I got to thinking about our time in Ireland last fall.  We had such fun in Cork, Kilkenny, and Waterford.  I hope you will enjoy a few pictures I took of our time there.  No particular order, except I will end with a picture of our dinner with Martin Toal, an Irish Tenor who joined our cruise for a 3 day tour and ended up spending 7 days with us on the high seas due to the three hurricanes we dodged over a period of 2 weeks!

Round the table clockwise, Brigette (Vienna, Austria), Pamela (Bath, England) Gunther (Vienna, Austria) Yours truly and my chief culinary consultant, Beryl (Swansea, South Wales) and Martin Toal, (Ireland and England.)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Many Blessings and Happy Cooking!

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