The Good Shepherd

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Lamb and EweI was standing by the side of the road gazing at a meadow full of sheep.  They were busy doing their own thing.  They barely noticed me as they grazed on the lush green springtime grasses.

I took one photo after another. But I was dissatisfied because I wanted the perfect photo that didn’t include red or blue marks splashed across the backside of my photographic subject.

Then it struck me.  These marks mean something to the shepherd.  They are important. Upon further inquiry I learned the markings are indeed identification of the sheep.  Fields are often shared and if  sheep escape their fields they can be quickly identified.  Ewe’s are marked when mated and lambs are marked when born.

Baby Lamb Exmoor Park
The Bible refers to Jesus as the good shepherd.  As a good shepherd how do you think he marks his sheep?  I am pondering what markings I have that tell others who I belong to.  I don’t mean a simple cross worn around my neck or some other man-made adornment.  I am soul searching for the mark He has put on me.  A kind word, loving my neighbor, a gentle manner, an obedient attitude, a servant’s heart.

What markings are on you today from your Shepherd?

Have a blessed day,

John 10:14
“I am the good shepherd.
I know my own and my own know me”

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