TWD: Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

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Yeah! It is TUESDAYS WITH DORIE! This is my second post as part of an online baking group of 300+ bakers. We are working our way through Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook, Baking With Julia.  This is our second post and I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t  have ever made Chocolate Truffle Tartlets if it weren’t for this baking group.  Having said that, I am so glad I did!! I know it is almost sacrilege to admit I am not a big chocolate fan but that is the truth.  I believe it is a gift from God that there is at least one sweetness I don’t care for. 🙂   Now, I am not saying I don’t eat chocolate, because in the absence of any other kind of sweet, I definitely will eat sweet chocolate.  And making these tartlets was a real blast for me! Not to mention the thrill of my we-will eat-anything-chocolate-anytime,  culinary consultants.

The recipe calls for a chocolate pastry shell which turned out to be a cross between a cookie crust and a buttery, flaky pie dough.  What I learned in making this crust is that it is made the way a classic French tart shell is made, that is, the butter is worked into the dry ingredients then moistened with egg yolk and little water.
Here is the part I have never done before:  the dough is given a fraisage — the French term for a good working under the heel of your hand.  What? How can the dry stuff above become dough?  With my hand?
It can and does!!! Actually I was quite surprised how well this worked.
The dough goes into the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or up to 3 days.  Mine stayed in the refrigerator 2 days.  Even knowing how well the fraisage worked, I was once again skeptical how I could get this hard ball of dough to roll out into think pastry crust.  Oh ye, of little faith.
Not to worry, mine rolled out beautifully with no problem.
While the tartlets chill again for a bit, the filling is made.  Then they were baked for a short time. I started with a slow melt of chocolate and butter.
While the chocolate cooled to room temperature I made the rest of the filling, eventually adding the chocolate to a mixture of egg yolks, vanilla and sugar.  Once this was all mixed, white chocolate chunks, milk chocolate chunks and crushed up biscotti was mixed in.  Everything then baked another 12 minutes.  And voila’!!  Chocolate Truffle Tartlets!
Not exactly…  The recipe says to cool the tartlet shells after a quick bake.  And then simply “pop” them out of the pan once they are cooled.

Note to self:  buy tart pans with removable bottoms.

I cooled them, turned one tartlet over onto the counter. It kept its shape, looked good, and then all at once imploded into a heap of flaky, buttery pastry!  Oh my gosh! I decided to go easy on myself and serve these delectable desserts in the pan! 🙂 Except for the heap of pastry on the counter.  That one I scooped up, put it back in the tartlet pan and put the filling right on top 🙂

The trick is … the only place you will see the recipe on my blog is above!  But not too worry, TWD Host Bakers, A Whisk and a Spoon, Spike, Good Eats and Cook Book Habit  will all be posting the recipe so you can get it from any one of them.  Of course you can always buy Baking With Julia and bake along with us!
As far as I am concerned my second recipe in Tuesdays With Dorie is a fabulous success, if I do say so myself 🙂

My Note:  The recipe calls for six 4 1/2″ tartlet pans.  My baking dishes are 5″ around.  The recipe made 5 of them instead of 6.


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    Now I really have a problem– I will question anything you make and will wonder if there is Tofu in it. Might be a good way to go on a diet!
    How do you feel tonight since you have made your confession?

  2. I apologize in advance for my tardiness on this comment, but I LOVE your Valentine photo to Lee!! VERY nicely done! Eager to see more of your photos!!!


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