TWD: Gingerbread Baby Cakes & A Cookbook Giveaway

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It’s Tuesdays With Dorie and this week we baked Gingerbread Baby Cakes from Dorie Greenspan’s book, Baking With Julia.  I’m excited about posting this recipe along with a my second book giveaway for Christmas!  Read your way to the end of the post to find out how YOU can win Dorie Greenspan’s best seller, BAKING From my house to yours.

For many bakers, gingerbread is synonymous with Christmas holiday baking.   However for me this was November baking because right now my kitchen is missing counter tops and a back splash! Have I ever mentioned my Chief Culinary Consultant is awesome in the kitchen?  He dismantled my stove, sink, and tiled kitchen counters with precision leaving the place very clean at the end of each day.  Wow, I love a man in the kitchen! 🙂

BEFORE the Chief tore up the kitchen I had one last baking session.   In anticipation of these little baby cakes I ordered mini springform pans from Amazon.   They arrived and I was ready to go!  There are four pans in the set.  The recipe calls for 8 mini 4″ pans.  These are 4 1/2″ round.  I made 5 little cakes and one slightly larger cake in a 6″ pan I already owned.  (In case you need these little pans I put a link at the end of this post).  I’ve never made homemade gingerbread cake or cookies.  Once I made a box cake mix and it turns out it is nothing like the homemade version. Homemade is denser, tastier, and fills the entire house with the fragrance of chocolate-coffee-ginger.  This recipe calls for espresso powder.  I can’t find it within 100 mile radius of my little corner of the world.  Next stop …  Amazon.  In the meantime, I pulverized instant coffee granules for a decent replacement.
Dry ingredients are mixed into the wet ingredients of whipped butter and sugar. Fresh ginger is added — standard making the cake stuff.
However, the result is anything but standard.  Aren’t these little mini springform pans just the cutest?  The cakes bake at 350 degrees F.  Mine took about 25 minutes but that will vary based on the size of your pan.  After cooling these are divine served with a big ‘ol dollop of whipped cream!
  Our host for this recipe is Karen of Karen’s Kitchen Stories.  Karen will post the recipe. Click HERE to check out gingerbread baby cakes from some of our other bakers!

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Merry Christmas and keep on cooking!
~Blessings, Catherine

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34 thoughts on “TWD: Gingerbread Baby Cakes & A Cookbook Giveaway”

  1. The mini springform pans are one item not in my arsenal of bake ware. I’m not sure how that oversight has gone on this long! Your cakes look like they turned out great … and now you can make individually sized cheesecakes since you have the springforms. Nice!

  2. Catherine, your mini springform pans look absolutely adorable and the gingerbread with some lovely whipped cream on top was just fabulous, I am sure! I am actually jealous (in a really good way) of a much needed kitchen overhaul – good for you! Have fun in your re-modelled and up-dated kicthen!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. How exciting to get a new updated kitchen! I do love you mini pans. I so wanted to order the same but I figured they would not get much use here. Whipped cream is a great addition! This cake definitely needed something to cut the strong flavors. 🙂

  4. tHANK YOU FOR OUR SWEET COMMENT on my blog. I tried to leave you a comment yesterday before you even visited my blog.but for some reason It would not let me..You pictures are lovely and your giveaway is great! I will pop over to facebook and like you:) Have a blessed Holiday season:)

  5. Your cake looks lovely, Catherine, thanks for sharing. Though everyone in our family loved this recipe, it was unlike any of the traditional gingerbread we were used to making. Much more like the English treacle cake.

  6. Your baby cakes look so cute. And now that I’m looking at your new little cake pans, I think I do have two of those. And here I made mine in a bundt pan. Now I’ll have to go on a search!

  7. Your cake looks beautiful!!
    Glad you enjoyed the recipe, unfortunately I didn’t like so much, too strong for me!!!! I’ll made some changes and it’ll be better the next time….

  8. And here I thought I was finally happy with my cake pan collection – I adore those cute little springform pans! Another thing to add to my holiday wish list! 😉 And your cakes came out so cute and pretty too. They look great with the whipped cream!

  9. This looks yummy! I am already a fan on fb, and follow on pinterest but cannot do the twitter thing because I don’t twitter. I still just have not gotten into the whole twitter thing! HA! I love love love those little spring form pans! I may have to buy a set!

    • Not too worry — you will be entered in the contest each time you leave a message. I will have several other posts this week so you will be able to enter more than once! Love you girl!

  10. Nice work…I personally don’t like gingerbread. So, will be finding someone who does, then will bake it for them.

    Lucky you to have your kitchen redone by hubby. Awesome. And he cleans up….even better. Look forward to seeing it when it’s done.

    I already own the book you’re giving away…


    • If memory serves me right you are pretty lucky from my giveaways last year! If you win you can gift this book 🙂 and I will definitely be showing pictures of my new kitchen counters. They are being installed right this minute!!


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