Weekend RoundUP and A Surprise Blessing!

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Have you ever bought or sold anything on Craigslist?  Since July 9, 2007 we have used Craigslist 64 times.  Bought some stuff, sold some stuff, gave away stuff, well you get the idea.  Recently we sold some extra glass blocks left over from our guest cabin remodel.  I corresponded with the Craigslist buyer a couple times via email. At the appointed time “Mr. and Mrs. Buyer” arrived at our home.  Can you imagine my incredible surprise (and delight) when Mrs. Buyer emerges from their truck saying “I have been to your website and I love it.  I brought you some gifts.”  What? Gifts? For Me?  Turns out that Gina is the owner of www.bodyniche.com.  Gina’s products are all natural made using her own recipes designed from years of research and development.  She uses high quality natural and organic ingredients so the products are healthy and beneficial to everyone! Gina brought me a wonderful Face & Body Bar which I am using every day on my face. It is fresh and clean and leaves my skin feeling soft and not dry at all!  Gina also gave me a bottle of TealaVera Skin Therapy Gel. How could Gina possibly have known how much we need this product?  The bottle reads: TeaLaVera has been known to help with Acne, Eczema, Poison Ivy/Oak, Skin Rashes, Minor Cuts, Scrapes, Burns, Sun Burns, and Insect Bites.  In other words LEE.  My beloved husband. This bottle completely describes a day in the life of LEE!  Gina how could you have known?  She also gave me a large bottle of Body Lotion with aloe and cucumber.  Thank you Gina! Your products are so lovely and your gifts to me a beautiful, surprising blessing.  BodyNICHE.com is a full service website with too many products to mention.  I hope you will go check it out yourself! Thank you again, Gina.
In between watching the Olympics and bringing in the garden produce it’s been a busy week in the kitchen from Black Bean Brownies, to my first Triple Berry Galette! If you are looking for an appetizer for the closing ceremonies of the Olympics (you are watching, aren’t you?) the Artichoke Parmesan Bake will do the trick very nicely.  Have a great weekend!


Genesis 12:3

I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you.

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments, Catherine. Terri, I’d be more than happy to send you samples of anything you might be interested in trying. Just take a look at the website and let me know! 🙂


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