When A Cactus Blooms Roses

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Flower CactusGood morning!  Thank heavens it is Saturday!  For many of you storms created havoc throughout your week with the huge snow storm that hit the Midwest region of the country.  I hope you have dug out and at least had time to build one snowman! For us, we had lots of rain but no interruption in school or schedules.  For me, I am just glad to end a busy yet fun week.  I want to share a funny story with you today but first a couple housekeeping duties.

1-  If you printed out the recipe for Healthified Triple Chocolate Pie, please throw away that copy of the recipe and reprint it! This week I was talking with my friend Charlene who was getting ready to make the pie.  She said, “so I only use 1/4 the package of cream cheese?”  I am quite sure I got a questioning look on my face as I replied, “no, use 1/2 of an 8 ounce package – or 4 ounces per pie.”  She went on to say she was pretty sure the recipe said 1/4 package.  When I got home I checked and sure enough — TYPO! I corrected the recipe and am so glad she mentioned it to me.

2- Yesterday’s blog post on Fish Sticks is not accepting comments. I have no idea why.  I have looked high and low and can’t find the problem.  If this should continue to be the case you can always email me using the CONTACT tab form.
SONY DSC A while back my friend Catherine and her beautiful little Yorkie, Maggie, came for a weekend visit. After a leisurely breakfast at Sunrise in Winchester, Tennessee my Chief driver (aka Chief gardener, chief culinary consultant, etc.) took us on a lovely ride through the countryside.  Even in the dead of winter the hills of middle Tennessee take on a loveliness of their own.  He was driving while Catherine, my sous-chef dish-washing mom, and I chatted up a storm.  As our little car hugged the road the Chief took us around one curve and then another.  Up the hills, over the ridge and down again.  It was so enjoyable.  That is about when we came around another corner and laid eyes on a fence row lined with large cactus!  Behind the fence was a small, nondescript clapboard house, like many we see along the country roads.  But in front of the house the cactus patch seemed so out of character.  We chatted about the cactus as we passed by and that is when it dawned on me the cactus were flowering!  Pink, white, yellow, blue (blue?) flowers!  I let out a quick “stop!” as my Chief driver slowed down looking at me quite curiously.  “I have to get a picture of those flowers!  I mean flowering cactus! In Tennessee!  In the winter!”

By this time we were all looking back at the cactus patch and the Chief had stopped the car and pulled off onto a little slice of shoulder.  I grabbed my camera and was out of the car in a flash sprinting back to the cactus patch.  My heart was racing with excitement for the incredible pictures I was about to take. It was then my pace slowed as I grew nearer and my eyes were adjusting to what I was seeing…  The flowers, they looked like … roses? daisies? what the heck?

Flowering CactusIt was then I started laughing and looking around to see if anyone was watching this incredibly stupid woman taking pictures of the cactus patch.  Yes, the cactus were real.  But the flowers, well, they are artificial. Placed there no doubt to either give the owners a real good laugh as people stop, gaze, and take pictures, or maybe just to give the cactus a little color during the gray days of winter! Still laughing, I took the pictures and then walked back to the car as the passengers were anxious to see the close up of the flowering cactus.  Once I shared the clever ruse the Chief backed up the car so we could all see up-close and personal the roses blooming on the cactus!

cactus realA short while later my friend sent me this picture.  Her caption read “A REAL flowering cactus!”

Wishing you a blessed weekend!


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  1. Oh how funny! We had 14″ and now they say more to come in a few days 🙁 I haven’t even been out of the house after this storm. I keep my granddaughter here so mom didn’t have to drive her in all the snow. So guess I better get out tomorrow !


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