Wicked Women from Ann Spangler

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Bathsheba10 days from today is the release of Wicked Women of the Bible from Ann Spangler.  Friends, I just know you are going to want to read it. That is why I am so excited I will soon have two signed copies to GIVE AWAY!


Just as soon as I have those books in my hot little hands I will be telling you how you can enter to win a copy!

As I watched this video about  I am struck by the phrase “there is always a way back to God for those who lean on His mercy.” What a powerful reminder that no matter where we find ourselves today … in the shadow of His wing, or wishing  we were there, God wants us in fellowship with Him and he will provide that way.

Enjoy this little preview!

I’ve written a couple different posts about this book and each one has information you are going to want.  Check them out:

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UPDATE! Wicked Women of the Bible

wicked women

Have a wickedly blessed weekend,

P.S.  If you still have fresh green beans from the garden or the farmer’s market this is a fantastic way to serve them –

Green Bean Buddies! Awesome appetizers or side dish veggies!
Green Bean Buddies! Awesome appetizers or side dish veggies!

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4 thoughts on “Wicked Women from Ann Spangler”

  1. The beans look great. I plan on trying but have another question. How long can fresh fruits be kept frozen and still be good? I have strawberries and honeydew, watermelon. I froze in light sugar in airtight zip lock baggies.

    • Kathy, your frozen fruit should keep 8 to 10 months without any problem as long as there is no air in the bags. They may be an airtight bags but all air needs to be out for maximum freezability. Having said that, the best way to know fruits freshness is by their color. If there is ice crystals in the bag or if the fruit itself has freezer burn then it will have lost taste and texture. I freeze strawberries getting out all air and they will last even longer than a year. I haven’t had good luck with honeydew or watermelon because their water content is so high that they are mushy when thawed. But depending how you use them you might not mind that. I hope this helps!


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