July 2nd – A Glorious Day!

Today is my brother Mike’s birthday.  This is a glorious day and I am praying for a blessed happiness to cover Mike today on his birthday!  Our Granddaughter, Tayler turns 12 today also!  What a great age 12 is.  All the excitement of growing up lays ahead and the “little kid” days are behind.  This … Read more

Happy July 1!

I can’t hardly believe June is gone.  We wait all winter long for summer to arrive and then it speeds by at lightening speed.  The good part is that the garden is producing and we are enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables everyday.  The bad part — it won’t last — winter’s coming!  For all of … Read more

Too excited to sleep…

I am so excited about my new blog that I can hardly stop tonight and get to bed, which I need to do! Yesterday I asked my niece, Christina, to help me with some design problems on my recipes page. I didn’t want the recipe images to show single file but I worked and worked … Read more

Traveling and Tired

Today we are traveling home from a full week that included a family wedding, a memorial service at a Veterans Cemetery, and a lot of fun and laughter with friends.  This has been a long day of 14 hours driving towards the next stop.  So tonight, a little devotional time and lights out. Tonight I … Read more