A Review of “By Bread Alone” by Kendall Vanderslice

“By Bread Alone” is a book by Kendall Vanderslice that explores the spiritual significance of bread, both as a physical substance and as a symbol of Christ’s body. Her book is written from a Christian perspective and speaks to how bread is central to both God’s story and our own stories as believers. Let’s start … Read more

DIY Sea Salt Scrub

best sea salt scrub

I am back at my desk after some fun in the sun down south.  No matter how great a vacation is, coming home to one’s own bed is wonderful! I try to be content wherever I happen to be, but I absolutely love being home. Do you find you are most settled at home?  I … Read more

Under New Ownership

pray cook blog new owners

Have you ever seen a sign that says under new ownership and thought, “I wonder what the old owner did to lose it?” If not, maybe it’s just me, but I always think something must have gone wrong. It may be our human nature to think negative. But new ownership doesn’t always mean something negative must … Read more

Don’t Hit That Delete Button!

Former Community Bible Study Executive Director, Camila Seabolt, is known for saying, “When you are walking with the Lord, change is always in your favor.” Her words have resonated with me through the years and I have come to fully believe and understand the truth of never fearing change when the Lord is with me. … Read more