Scripture Cake

what is scripture cake

Have you ever heard of scripture cake?  What in the world is it?  Is it only for Christians?  Today, we are going to answer all these questions and share one of the best scripture cake recipes that I’ve ever tasted. What is scripture cake? Scripture cake is also known as “Bible Cake”, “Scriptural Cake” and … Read more


Today’s blog post is written by our guest Tony Patterson.  Tony is a formally trained award-winning commercial / fine art photographer.  His work has been on display in the Tennessee State Museum, featured in print publications, utilized in website editorials, and displayed in various exhibits.  Most recently his work was on display at the Nashville International Airport. Recently … Read more

10 Days In The Land of Jesus, Day 1 and 2!

October 2017.  It started out a typical fall Sunday. Typical in that the weather was beautiful, cool, crisp, with the leaves turning glorious shades of orange, gold, and red. The unusual part of the day began with a visit to a church about 25 miles from our home. My friend attends church at The Rock … Read more

Peer Pressure Is No Respecter of Age

It all started out innocently enough.  I was sitting in my usual chair at the nail salon.  I say “usual” because every 3 weeks for the past 3 years Viet has manicured and polished my fingernails.  I flipped through the basket of nail colors not really expecting to make a change from the palette of … Read more

Christ Has Risen! Happy Easter 2018

Happy Easter! Christ has risen! Christ has risen indeed! Easter is my favorite holiday of the year. Spiritually, Good Friday is always heavy for me with the reminder that Christ died an awful death on a Roman cross for sins he did not commit so I can be forgiven for the sins I do commit.  Nothing … Read more