5 Best Propane Smokers Under $200

5 Best Propane Smokers Under 200

Purchasing a propane smoker is an excellent decision for individuals and restaurants alike. Only with a smoker, can you get that mouth-watering smoked taste that people love. A smoker cooks meats so they stay juicy, which will not only make your meals at home a delight, but it will boost your restaurant’s food profits. If … Read more

4 Best Stainless Steel Tables

best stainless steel tables

Stainless Steel is one of the common materials used throughout the food service industry. Whether you are running a restaurant, food processing business, or food storage, one thing that they all have in common is that they each involve the handling and the preparing of raw foods on a regular basis. Here are the 4 … Read more

Life Lessons From The Hive by M.J. Miller

Mary Jane Miller is many things.  She is a graduate of Middle Tennessee University, a drama teacher, an artist, a Bible teacher and former missionary with YWAM (Youth With A Mission), a beekeeper, a gifted speaker and my friend! Whenever I read a book with the thought to then write a book review I go … Read more

I tried 12 Oaks Desserts, should you?

12 Oaks Desserts Featured

Let’s face it, desserts are awesome! Like most, I have a pretty undeniable sweet tooth. Candies, cakes, and ice cream are my favorite. That being said, when I found out about 12 Oaks Desserts in Los Angeles, CA. I knew I had to give them a try! First, let me start by saying that once … Read more