Traveling and Tired

Today we are traveling home from a full week that included a family wedding, a memorial service at a Veterans Cemetery, and a lot of fun and laughter with friends.  This has been a long day of 14 hours driving towards the next stop.  So tonight, a little devotional time and lights out. Tonight I … Read more

Jamming …

Here I sit watching The Bachelorette, as Ashley is picking and choosing her way through all these wanna-be husbands (or at the very least lovers)… I am thinking she seems to be in one jam and then another.  Well that has me thinking about — Blackberry Jam!  I have no idea what-so-ever made me think … Read more

Treats For Our Four Legged Friends

We are lucky to live only about 3 miles from my husband’s brother and sister-in-law.  It is a quick trip down the road to share a meal, stop by for a visit, or use their internet, which does not falter like mine does 🙁 My sister-in-law has eight Jack Russell Terriers of various ages, sizes … Read more

Aunt Mildred’s Fresh Berry Pie

Fresh berry pie … now that spells summertime no matter what part of the country you live in.  Just about everywhere you can get fresh berries at this time of the year.  While the grocery stores all have some type of berries I suggest that if you have a farmers market where you live that … Read more