Yummy Vidalia Onion Tart

While recently visiting our friends Cheryl and Todd, Cheryl treated us to some really fine meals.  She is a good cook, plans everything ahead and through the years we have enjoyed many great meals with them.  Our dinner is almost always followed by several hours of belly laughing and card games.  It is so good … Read more

Sweet Potatoes – Are They Done Yet?

The weather is playing havoc with our country internet service.  I haven’t been online since Sunday and I think I am in withdrawl.  The rain and wind just stopped and it looks like I have a window to blog.  So here it is! One of my first recipes that I posted on this blog was … Read more

The Pickles I’m In

Originally I didn’t plan to blog on Sunday.  However, we have been traveling the last 11 days and so yesterday I didn’t get a chance to be at the computer at all.  So, I have already broken my first rule — and I am updating my blog today!  Happy Father’s Day to all.  My dad … Read more

Too excited to sleep…

I am so excited about my new blog that I can hardly stop tonight and get to bed, which I need to do! Yesterday I asked my niece, Christina, to help me with some design problems on my recipes page. I didn’t want the recipe images to show single file but I worked and worked … Read more

Traveling and Tired

Today we are traveling home from a full week that included a family wedding, a memorial service at a Veterans Cemetery, and a lot of fun and laughter with friends.  This has been a long day of 14 hours driving towards the next stop.  So tonight, a little devotional time and lights out. Tonight I … Read more

Jamming …

Here I sit watching The Bachelorette, as Ashley is picking and choosing her way through all these wanna-be husbands (or at the very least lovers)… I am thinking she seems to be in one jam and then another.  Well that has me thinking about — Blackberry Jam!  I have no idea what-so-ever made me think … Read more