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What Is Your Dream?

Mt View Ephesians 3:20

What is your dream?  You know, that dream you have carried around with you for many years?  That dream that no one else knows about but surfaces in your daydreams from time to time? That dream that takes you back to your childhood.

When my husband, Lee, (aka Chief, Chief Food Taste, Chief Culinary Consultant, Chief Traveling Buddy, Chief Gardener, Love of my Life) was a little boy he grew up in middle Tennessee only a few miles down the road from where we live now.  His mother’s family populated this area then and now.  He father’s family hailed from Eastern Tennessee.

Great Smokey Mountain National Park, September 2015

East Tennessee is a name given to about the eastern third of the State of Tennessee.  East Tennessee is entirely located within the Appalachian Mountains.  It is both geographically and culturally part of Appalachia  and has been included— along with Western North Caroline, North Georgia, Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Virginia and West Virginia – in every major definition of the Appalachian region since the early 20th century.

For as long as he can remember he as been drawn to those mountains.  He says “I just think they are part of my DNA.” It was many years ago as a small boy and again later in his life that the dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail took form.  All his life he has been active in hiking, biking, running, and just enjoying work outside. For many years of his career he was behind a desk in an office, or sitting in a board room. But wait there’s more! Click to continue reading