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Broccoli Straws and Cheese Quiche

Even though the daytime temperatures are still creeping into the low 80’s it is during the night these little mums are making their beauty known. As the night time temps dip to the 50’s it is a clear signal to the fall plants — time to bloom! They have patiently waited through the drought and high heat of the summer, through hurricane force torrential rains in August and now it is their turn to show off their splendor throughout the fall.

This is my favorite time of year. Cooler temperatures encourage me to spend more time baking. I love that. I will still have my portable fan going full blast in my kitchen but during the fall it is open windows that will bring the cool air in to the house.  Last week I shared with you my go-to homemade pie crust recipe.  Today I want to share one of my favorite pie fillings — eggs + cheeses = quiche!

After following food blogs for awhile now, one thing I notice is that most bloggers have a “favorite”  food or two that continually pops up in their recipes. Tracey’s Culinary Adventures posts dozens of pancake recipes while The Brown Eyed Baker — well, she bakes hundreds of yummy desserts! And me — while I try to share the best of what we are eating, I am finding quiche continues to show up on my radar.  I hope you don’t mind.

It isn’t that we eat quiche every week, but sometimes I like to make it for a breakfast, sometimes brunch, and sometimes even for supper. A variety of ingredients is what keeps me from getting bored with quiche.  Spinach, Roasted Red Pepper and Gruyere Quiche kind of speaks for itself filled with wonderful veggies and Gruyere cheese! Last Thanksgiving I posted one our favorites, Ham, Bacon, Egg and Cheese Quiche. The basics for quiche are a pie crust, 4 eggs, evaporated milk or Half n’ Half, and cheese. Beyond that, your favorite ingredients will turn the basic quiche into something outstanding!  Sometimes I use evaporated milk or if I have Half n’ Half on hand I will use that.  In a pinch I have used 2% milk but the quiche isn’t quite as rich tasting.

I buy packaged broccoli straw mix to add to spinach for yummy salads. It was with that plan in mind that I had the package of  the broccoli, carrots, and red cabbage in my crisper drawer.  For a light supper I decided to make a quiche with the package of “straws.”  I had in mind it would be colorful and I wasn’t disappointed.

I was off to a good start with a little butter in a saute’ pan. I added minced sweet onion, minced garlic and the broccoli straw mix. I cooked them until the veggies were all soft.  While they were cooking I sprinkled a bit of cornmeal in a pie plate. I placed a single pie crust in the plate and then crimped the edges.  A Pillsbury pre-made crust works fine or if you have time, making your own from my Flaky Pie Dough recipe will make an outstanding quiche.

The soft vegetables are spooned into the prepared pie crust then sprinkled with cheese.  I use a little pepperjack cheese along with cheddar whenever I can. The pepperjack adds a really nice kick to any quiche!  The eggs are beaten and mixed with the milk and salt and pepper. The mixture is poured over the vegetables and cheese and baked until the quiche is set in the middle.I would really love to know what your favorite quiche ingredients are.  Please leave a comment and share as I am always looking for another great quiche!

This recipe can be viewed and PRINTED from my Tasty Kitchen Recipe Box.

~Blessings, Catherine

Green Tomato Casserole

Just about the time I was discovering a great fondness for Fried Green Tomato Parmesan, Mary at Deep South Dish posted a fabulous looking recipe for Green Tomato Casserole. What interested me was the use of green tomatoes that aren’t fried.   When I made the Fried Green Tomato Parmesan, I didn’t think about using the green tomatoes without being battered and fried first.  I found Mary’s casserole very curious.  Since I still had a little bit of marinara sauce to use up,     this recipe varies slightly from Mary’s.  After layering green tomatoes, onions, crushed Ritz crackers and some cheese thrown in for good measure, she puts a crowning touch of butter! Without a doubt I would love to eat at Mary’s house!  When in doubt – add more butter!

I started with three really green tomatoes and one “not-yet-ripe” tomato that was slightly pink!

The tomatoes are seasoned well on each side. I used salt, pepper, and a teaspoon of sugar.  I topped each slice with a tablespoon of marinara sauce. 
The next step is critical to the over-all taste of the dish.  Sweet onions are sliced and placed all around.  You can dice the onions if you prefer, but we love sweet onions and prefer the larger slices.  I used my favorite Vidalia onions, but any sweet variety will do.   Hot pepper jack cheese is a perfect next layer.

After another layering of tomatoes, seasoning and marinara, the whole thing is covered with crushed Ritz crackers.  The Ritz add to the sweetness of the onions and makes for a beautiful paring.

A final sprinkling of cheese and this casserole is ready for the oven.  Even though there is a little bit of marinara the flavor is quite different from the Parmesan.  This casserole fed us two full meals. The second warm-up was tasty and equally delicious!
I like this casserole so much I confess I have made it twice for my family, once for neighbors and once to deliver to our family down the road!  You will probably be quite relieved to know I have no more green tomatoes.  But there is always next year :)

Click to PRINT the recipe from my Tasty Kitchen Recipe Box.

~Blessings, Catherine


Weekend RoundUP Happy Mother’s Day!

A few years ago my mom and I were working side by side, in the kitchen, when I was struck by the similarity of our hands.  I remember when I was younger (and my mom was about the age I am now) mom would take my hands and hold them saying, “mine were once pretty like yours.”  At the time I had “young hands”, free of sun spots, freckles, age spots and wrinkles!  Years of wear and tear have aged us, including our hands.  When I looked at our hands together, I just knew that was the picture I wanted to remember forever.  I asked my son Cory to take pictures and with enthusiasm and creativity, he did!  We are so blessed to still have my mom with us. At age 81 she is active and vibrant and a joy to be around.  From time to time I share a picture of her, usually in the kitchen.  Today I would like to share a part of us that has never been more alike … our hands.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  I love you.

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother” Abraham Lincoln

Chicken Thai Salad

Walk Through The Bible In One Year
Week 15 reading plan per day

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Monday 1 Kings 1-3, Tues 1 Kings 4-6,
Wed 1 Kings 7-8
, Thursday 1 Kings 9-11,
Friday 1 Kings 12-15,
Saturday 1 Kings 16-19,
Sunday 1 Kings 20-22
Blessings as you read!

Are you having a good week? I can’t believe we are already half-way through the week, not to mention that we are in mach speed through May!  I am still wielding a paint brush by day and doing a bit of bloggin’ by night :)  Lucky for me awesome recipes just keep falling into my hands.  Like today’s recipe for Thai Salad aka Thai Chicken Salad.  Last week was the last get together of our Community Bible Study for this semester.  We enjoyed time together with a huge brunch buffet with those attending bringing some of their favorite dishes to share.  One such dish was a Thai Chicken Salad.  I had no idea who made the salad but it is so good with a perfect Thai flavor.  I left my calling card at the empty salad bowl with a message asking — who made this delicious salad?

Before I left that day a gentlemen I did not know, came up to me holding my card in his hand.  Mr. Payne told me about how he had made this salad and then when he went home he even sent me an email with the recipe details!  Turns out this is the ideal recipe … for starters — very nutritious.  Secondly, quick and easy.  A bag of sliced cabbage, a bag of broccoli straws (LOVE ‘em!),  carrot sticks, honey-roasted sliced almonds, crispy rice noodles and the dressing.  How easy is this?

The dressing is really the perfect crowning touch. Kraft Light Asian Toasted Sesame dressing.  It seems so simple to be this good.  The second time I made this wonderful salad I shredded some leftover chicken and mixed it all together.  It was perfect.  I served it as a main dish salad.

Any sliced almonds will do, but Mr. Payne said he has tried several and Almond Accents, Honey Roasted variety are the best.  All summer long we eat salads every day.  I really look forward to making this salad again.  I am imaging it with some sliced green onions … maybe an egg roll on the side.  Yum!
Have a great rest of the week!  Many Blessings and Happy Cooking!

Thai Chicken Salad

Serves 4-6
Prep time 10 minutes
This salad can be served as a vegetarian dish side dish or crank it up a notch by adding shredded chicken. Makes a perfect main dish meal!


  • 1 Package Shredded Cabbage
  • 1 Package Broccoli straws
  • 2 Cups Shredded Carrots
  • 1 Small Can of Crispy Rice Noodles
  • 1 Package Sliced Almonds (Almond Accents, Honey Roasted )
  • Light Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing


  • 1/2 cup Sliced Green Onions
  • 2 Cups Chicken Breasts, cooked and shredded


1 Combine all ingredients except dressing and crispy noodles.
2 When ready to serve, mix well with Sesame Dressing, using as much needed to taste. Mix well, sprinkle with crispy noodles and serve.


(1) Shredded chicken cooked fresh or canned works fine.








Sweet Potato Pudding

Walk Through The Bible In One Year
Week 15 reading plan per day

Click on the colored link to read each day’s scripture.
Monday 1 Kings 1-3, Tues 1 Kings 4-6,
Wed 1 Kings 7-8
, Thursday 1 Kings 9-11,
Friday 1 Kings 12-15,
Saturday 1 Kings 16-19,
Sunday 1 Kings 20-22
Blessings as you read!

Happy Monday friends! Last week while I was looking up the recipe for Miss Daisy King’s Corn Pudding, on the preceding page I noticed a recipe for Sweet Potato Pudding.  First and foremost it is very fun to say sweet potato puddin’!  There is a light and easy ring to it :)  You may be thinking it doesn’t take much to please me, and you could be right.  We eat a lot of sweet potatoes and I am always on the lookout for a new recipe.  This one didn’t disappoint!  Sweet potatoes are a nutritional All-Star — one of the best vegetables you can eat. They’re loaded with carotenoids, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber.
This recipe is adpated from Miss Daisy’s recipe.  I say adapted, because I decreased the sugar and added an egg.  To my taste, sweet potatoes don’t need a lot of extra sugar and adding 3/4 cup to this was just right.  (Original recipe called for 2 cups!) I started out with these lovely sweet potatoes I recently purchased at Costco.  I bought a whole box and they have kept beautifully.  I used my processor and grated these 2 potatoes and they equaled exactly 4 cups.
Mixing up eggs, sugar, milk, allspice and cinnamon.  Everything mixes together and pours into a prepared 8″ x 12″ baking dish, or some equivalent of that size.  Bake for an hour.
Interestingly, the potatoes kept their shredded shape but yet when mixed with the eggs, the whole mixture becomes pudding-like.
My chief culinary consultant really liked this side dish.  My sous-chef dish-washing mom determined that this was “too sweet” for her.  The funny part is that she prefers Sweet Potato Casserole, which incidentally, is quite sweet :)

Many Blessings for a great start to the week and happy cooking!

If you are reading the Bible along with me this year I pray you are feeling the excitement of the walk come alive! If you’re just beginning today, no problem! Start right where we are. You can always access the other sections of the story in the “Previous Weeks” section to the right. You can also start from the very beginning with week one and go forward. Either way, jump right in! And may God open our hearts to His Word.

Sweet Potato Pudding

Serves 8-10
Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time 1 hour
Total time 1 hour, 5 minutes
By author Adapted From Miss Daisy King
An unusual pudding with grated sweet potatoes! They cook beautifully yet keep their grated shape. A healthy and delicious side dish.


  • 4 cups Grated or shredded raw sweet potatoes (about 2 large)
  • 3/4 cups Granulated Sugar
  • 3/4 cups Milk
  • 5 Eggs, beaten
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ground Allspice
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease an 8"x 12" baking dish. Peel and grate the sweet potatoes.
With a wire whip mix all remaining ingredients. Add grated sweet potatoes and pour into prepared baking dish.
Bake for 1 hour, until top is lightly browned.
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