Summer Weekend and Holiday Breakfast Ideas

Summer weekends and holidays are often times filled with family and friends visiting.  Today I am highlighting a few of my favorite breakfast recipes I enjoy making when we have company. I always start with this Praline French Toast.  This is a very simple recipe and your family and friends will flip over it.  This … Read more

Overnight Egg, Sausage and Cheese Casserole

Two years ago today I wrote and posted my first blog post on My Daily Bread Body and Soul. 421 posts later I realize I have never shared my favorite, “go-to” breakfast casserole!  How can that be?  I have made this casserole over a hundred times …. and that isn’t even an exaggeration! 🙂  When … Read more

Broccoli Straws and Cheese Quiche

Even though the daytime temperatures are still creeping into the low 80’s it is during the night these little mums are making their beauty known. As the night time temps dip to the 50’s it is a clear signal to the fall plants — time to bloom! They have patiently waited through the drought and … Read more