Sugar Cookie Flowers and Cyberspace Gremlins

Yesterday I wrote about these lovely sugar cookie flowers.  For those of you who have signed up to receive notice of a new blog post via email you may or may not have seen a picture of the cookies. But for some reason Feedburner sent out this picture of a momma and her baby! I … Read more

Sugar Cookies In A Fun Bouquet

My sous chef dish-washing mom and I belong to a garden club. By the very nature of “garden” club one might think we are gardeners.  That would be wrong.  We like plants, we have both toyed with growing a flowering plant or two, but gardeners we are not. We do have this little garden close … Read more

Walnut Coconut Chews

When our granddaughter Abbey arrived for a visit last fall one of the first things she asked of her Grandpa Lee is, “Do you have any black walnuts?” Earlier this summer Abbey had been the recipient of fresh black walnuts from Grandpa Lee’s walnut trees. She told us that she used them in a recipe … Read more

Snicker Doodle Cookies For Santa!

Do you have cookies ready for Santa tonight?  Well, I didn’t until we made a stop to visit Lee’s Aunt Mattie Lou this morning!  Mattie Lou reminded me of a recipe I had given her for Snicker Doodle cookies.  She said, “I made that recipe and they turned out great!” She had them all packaged … Read more