Family, Friends, & Heritage Food: Pecan Puffs, Peanut Clusters, Fudge, Scotch-a-roos

Last week I was given the gift of spending time with my niece Crystal and her family.  After 6 years of classes, while raising three children and still working part of that time, Crystal realized a life-long dream of becoming a registered nurse.  We attended her graduation and then the pinning ceremony later that day. … Read more

Sweet and Salty Chocolate Caramel Bars

A Walk Through The Bible In One Year Bringing the Story to Life Week 9 reading plan per day: Click on the colored link to read each day’s scripture. Monday (Deuteronomy 1) Tuesday (Deuteronomy 2) Wednesday (Deuteronomy 3-4) Thursday (Deuteronomy 5-7) Friday (Deuteronomy 8-10) Saturday (Deuteronomy 11-13) Sunday (Deuteronomy 14-16) Sweet and salty.  Those two … Read more

PLEEZ Don’t Make These Again … Scotcharoos

If finally happened.  After twenty plus years of cooking for my beloved he said those words I have dreaded hearing … “PLEEEESE don’t make these again!”  That is exactly what he said after he consumed his (gulp) fourth Scotcharoo!   “These are waaaay too addicting” he said as he wiped chocolate from the corners of … Read more