Autumn’s Best Cooked Apples

When Abby shared some of her favorite things of fall, I knew it was time for me to put a pot of apples on the stove.  Apples are plentiful this time of year in the United States.  Not only are they available at farmers markets but even the grocery stores are selling from new crops. … Read more

Luscious Peach Pie

I experience some real joys from living in the country. In the early morning, I can sit on my front porch in the solitude of nature. I enjoy the sights and sounds of the world coming awake, from the buzzing of the hummingbirds to the babbling of the nearby brook.  Often a momma deer and … Read more

Hot Caramel Apple Spice Drink That Rivals Starbucks!

My Chief Starbucks-loving husband and I had an appointment about an hour away from our home.  Since we were leaving early in the morning, I knew it meant a stop at the Starbucks down the road. [Side note: I don’t drink coffee.  I have never drunk coffee.  I like to cook and bake with coffee granules … Read more

Alice’s Apple Goodie Dessert

A couple of weeks ago my sous-chef dish-washing mom announced that she will be making  a new dessert for us each week!  Whaaat?  This is exciting stuff! It turns out that mom has “discovered” Pinterest some time ago and is drooling over pictures and recipes.  I am so excited about this and told her that I … Read more