DIY Better Than Starbucks Hot Chocolate

“Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel”  (which means, God with us). Matthew 1:23 My husband regularly receives Starbucks cards as gifts from friends and family. On a recent trip to New York he and our friend Russ were on a grocery run. A grocery “run” … Read more

Frozen Hot Chocolate & Good-Bye July

  Good-bye July!  I know we still have a couple of days left of July but I never mind seeing it in the rear view of my memory.  Since July is typically way hotter than I like, I never mind saying goodbye. What it means to me is that I survived another southern summer month … Read more

What’s Cookin’ – My Make-It Wish List

Walk Through The Bible In One Year Week 23 reading plan Psalm 40 through 80 Click on the colored link to read each day’s scripture. Monday Psalm 40-46, Tuesday Psalm 47-54, Wednesday Psalm  55-61, Thursday Psalm 62-68, Friday Psalm 69-73, Saturday Psalm 74-77, Sunday Psalm 78-80 Happy July!  How was the weekend in your neck … Read more

Weekend RoundUP June 30

I truly think Sarah Young’s devotional Jesus Calling is one of the best I have ever read.  I like the idea of reading a snippet of a devotional early in the day and sometimes again during the day.  It helps me to stay focused on what is really important and let go of the not-important … Read more