Chicken, Potatoes, and Corn Slow-Cooker Chowder

Chicken Sweet Potato Corn Chowder single Plated

Are you ready for soup?  I am!  When my friend Maribeth asked if I had seen the chicken and sweet potato corn chowder recipe in the latest copy of Southern Living, I hadn’t. But when Maribeth gets excited about a recipe I get excited too! She is an accomplished cook and enjoys spending time in the kitchen.  … Read more

Catherine’s Best Broccoli Cheddar Soup

best Broccoli Cheddar Soup

It has finally turned fall in middle Tennessee.  We actually saw the thermometer dip into the low 50’s today with some rain.  For my Nebraska based friends who have already seen snow several times this month and a low of 6 degrees yesterday, I am sorry you are already tasting some of the old-man winter! … Read more

Hen of the Woods Cream of Mushroom Maitake Soup

maitake soup recipe

Updated:  September 24, 2018, Since writing this blog post it has generated several comments from folks who know more about mushrooms than I.  The good news is that this Hen of the Woods soup recipe tastes great with either mushroom!  Pictures have also been updated. Recently friends gave us some beautiful Maitake mushrooms.  Maitake mushrooms … Read more

The Gift of Time

Today I was given a beautiful gift. The gift of time.  For many of us our daily calendars fill up with running from place to place. From task to task.  UP and out of the house early, in and out of the car, home again and then off to a meeting or the grocery store! … Read more

A Hearty and Healthy Brunswick Stew

Brunswick County, Virginia, and the town of Brunswick, Georgia, both claim to be the origin of Brunswick Stew.  I had never heard of Brunswick Stew  until a few years ago (and every winter since then) I heard my friend Joan say, “I made up a big pot of Brunswick Stew!” A plaque on an old … Read more

Golden Harvest Healthy Chunky Soup

If you aren’t a fan of delicious, warm, inviting, healthy, and easy … you may want to stop reading right now.  However, if you are all about using your slower cooker, filling the house with fall’s fragrance coming from the kitchen, or you just love feeding your friends and family HEALTHY wonderful soup … then … Read more