Homemade Cheese Balls with Crushed Pecans

Cheese Ball Crackers Plated

I haven’t ever made a cheese ball before now. Sigh. I know – crazy huh?  I had company coming and thought some cheese and crackers would be nice upon their arrival since it was too late for lunch and too early for dinner.  When I stopped by the cheese ball counter at my local grocery store  there was one.  One cheese ball. Take it or leave it.  Cheddar.  I picked it up and on the way to the basket my eyes fell upon the ingredient list.  There were a zillion ingredients I couldn’t even name, and no sign  of  “cheese”?

That was it.  I decided to make my own cheese ball, with … cheese!

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Apple Bread Pudding With Luscious Vanilla Sauce

Bread Pudding With Vanilla Sauce
Bread Pudding With Vanilla Sauce

When my sous chef dish-washing mom made Overnight Egg and Cheese Casserole for her Bible study group, we had a half loaf of white bread left over.  We are not big white bread eaters but we are big lovers of bread pudding.  I also had a few whole wheat hot dog buns also leftover from a lunchtime splurge of “dogs on the grill.”

I like making Paula Deen’s Bread Pudding but I live by the thought bread pudding“so many recipes so little time” plus I still have a few apples left from the fall harvest.  That sent me searching for an apple bread pudding recipe.  I asked my sous-chef dish-washing mom if she would make the bread pudding from a recipe I found on Allrecipes.com.  This is an adaptation of Gramma’s Apple Bread Pudding.

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Beef Enchiladas, Simply Delicious

Beef Enchiladas
Beef Enchiladas

Sometimes I just get so hungry for Mexican food. Neither my sous chef dish-washing mom or The Chief  care all that much about eating out in Mexican restaurants.  I really think the problem stems from our total lack of control when it comes to the chips and salsa delivered to our table the minute we arrive.  At that point we are HUNGRY and we’ve been known to scarf down a basket of the crispy delights  before we even order our meal!
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Wicked Women of the Bible – 6 Week Study Begins Soon!

There is always a way back to God. Wicked Women of the Bible

I am all signed up and am looking forward to the start of Ann Spangler’s new Bible study based on her book Wicked Women of the Bible!  This is a FREE Bible study which includes additional information and free printables.

Author Ann Spangler filmed a six-session online Bible study with Laurie McClure at the end of August.  FaithGateway has just posted it to their site so that people can sign up for the study which begins tomorrow, October 26.  Each Monday participants will receive an email with the new study for that week.

You may register here.


If you have the book, this is a no brainer to sign up for this FREE study.  If you haven’t gotten the book yet there is still time.  You can order from your favorite book seller or better yet go to your local Christian book store!

From FaithGateway, “Ann is an award-winning writer and the author of many bestselling books, including Praying the Names of God, Praying the Names of Jesus, and The One Year Devotions for Women. She is also coauthor of Women of the Bible and Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus. All of these are AMAZING books – Ann knows her Bible history and has the gift of a storyteller! In fact, Ann’s fascination with and love of Scripture have resulted in books that have opened the Bible to a wide range of readers. We know you will be blessed by her teaching!”

Be Blessed and Happy Reading,