Japanese Milk Bread

If you have been a part of My Daily Bread Body and Soul very long you will know that I adore making bread.  I like eating it but even more, I like making it!   I was in Japan a few years ago on vacation and I don't remember bread ever being served.  And what about the…

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Savory Monkey Bread

If you have followed my blog very long you will know that I love making recipes that are fast and easy and look like a million bucks! This is just such a recipe. I saw a Taste of Home recipe for pull-apart garlic bread. The cook sharing the recipe is Carol Shields, from Summerville Pennsylvania.…

Buttermilk Biscuits & The Chief’s Legendary Gravy
Buttermilk Biscuits Hot Out Of The Oven!

Buttermilk Biscuits & The Chief’s Legendary Gravy

My step-son Bryan was coming for a visit and he sent me a picture of a mile-high biscuit from a restaurant in California, commenting about the "best biscuit" he ever ate.  To a slightly competitive cook that was basically throwing down the gauntlet! Whenever the kids come home the Chief's biscuits and gravy are always on the…


A Half Truth

Driving into town last week I read this  sign in a local church yard.  A half truth, a "little white lie", a twist of truth ... is still a whole lie.   This has bounced around in my head all through the week, not to mention the many times I drove that road in to town…


100% Whole Wheat Bread

Besides being the chief gardener, chief culinary consultant, and chief everything else my sweet husband is also the chief flour grinder.  A few years ago we bought a 5 gallon bucket of winter wheat berries.  (Yikes, that is a lot of berries!)  And so we have ground our own whole wheat flour for some time…


Apple Cinnamon Nut Bread

Once again I saw this recipe on Facebook and couldn't get it out of my mind!  Apples ... cinnamon ... nuts ... dates ...  oh my!  I added the nuts and dates  to the original recipe and I am so glad that I did.  I didn't have time to make it straight away so I…

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Crunchy Pecan-Banana Coffee Cake Muffins

When my birthday rolled around in February my neighbor, Gaye, brought me this beautiful plate of Crunchy Pecan-Banana Coffee Cake Muffins! She is not only a really good cook and baker she is also very thoughtful.  So along with this lovely plate of muffins she brought the recipe!  (Knowing I would probably ask for it!)…

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TWD: Finnish Pulla Braid & A Cookbook Giveaway!

It's Tuesdays With Dorie and this week we baked Finnish Pulla from Dorie Greenspan's cookbook, Baking With Julia.  From Wikipedia:  Pulla (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈpulːɑ]) is a mildly-sweet Finnish sweet roll or dessert bread flavored with crushed cardamom seeds and occasionally raisins or sliced almonds.  Prior to last week if you asked me what I knew about…


TWD: Cranberry Walnut Pumpkin Loaves

NOTE to self:  Read the entire recipe before making promises to family and friends there will be homemade bread for dinner. This week's Tuesdays With Dorie recipe is an absolutely perfect bread to make in the fall.  Pumpkin, not only flavors this yeast bread, but adds a beautiful orange-y fall color too! The raisins and…


TWD: Whole Wheat Loaves

If you have been with me very long you will know I LOVE baking bread!  You will also know that every-other-Tuesday I join about 400+ bakers around the world as we are baking our way through Dorie Greenspan's cookbook, Baking With Julia.  So when Whole Wheat Loaves came up as our next Tuesdays With Dorie…


Pepperoni and Tomato Galette

PSSSSST...Please don't tell my sous-chef dish-washing mom, but the Chief gardener just brought in MORE tomatoes. Yikes! I'm pretty sure I told her last week that we are done with tomatoes for this year .... Lucky for us we have fallen in love with tomato galette. Galette is a term used in the French cuisine…


TWD: Baking With Julia, Popovers!

It's Tuesdays With Dorie and today's recipe from Dorie Greenspan's book, Baking With Julia, is (drum roll, please) ... POPOVERS!  I don't know why but I cannot write or say POPOVERS! without putting an exclamation point at the end.  I think it is just how the word sounds.  I've never made a POPOVER! before.  I…


Weekend RoundUP July 21 and My Ball Blue Book

Last summer my friend Sue convinced me that I shouldn’t go through another canning season without a Victorio Food Strainer. At first I didn’t even understand what she was talking about. I don’t have a technical mind and in no way could even fathom how this works,  let alone design something like this. But my hands, that is another story — they love this Victorio!  I don’t have a food allergy to tomatoes but my hands really break out when I cut them up and process them.  With the Victorio my handling of fruits and vegetables is much less.  (more…)